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Sathya Prakash breathes life—as much as Chinmayi does with her humming—into Rahman’s evocative melody in Nallai allai. Vairamuthu’s beautifully Tamil verse sounds pitch perfect in Sathya Prakash’s careful diction. But for the ill-conceived Punjabi detour, Azhagiye works brilliantly, with a spritely energy, Haricharan’s (Or is it Arjun Chandy leading the singing?) lively vocals and Karky’s […]

Friday January 6, 2017 17:17


Hard to believe the man is 50 today! Just seems like yesterday when, in Salem, I forced a cassette shop owner to cut short his lunch break, call the supplier and sell me the cassette tape of Kadhalan that was released the day before. And reading in Dinamani Kadhir, Dinamani’s supplement, that Mani Ratnam had […]

Kaara fankaara‘s promising start devolves into droning nama nama nei. Enna sonna is adequately pleasant; more Arko than Rahman. Jaanu is jubilantly uptempo and instantly catchy. Saajan aayo re is a pleasant surprise, Jonita’s vocal dexterity and Darbari Kanada raag flowing infinitely better in Hindi. Jee lein is Yuva leftover, while Ameen’s Maula wa salim […]

There’s a whiff of MS Viswanathan in the simple and sweet melody of Avalum naanum! Vijay Yesudas rocks this solo, recalling his dad’s prowess more than once. But that this is a Rahman song is evident all over – beautiful violin solo in the first interlude and the tune twist towards anupallavi! Idhu varai is […]

Monday April 11, 2016 16:45

24 (Music review), Tamil – A R Rahman

Kaalam yen kadhali has captivating phrases; that ‘Kaalam yen’ hook after the anupallavi layered with kuthu or the catchy ‘Vaa machakkaara’ in the charanam that’s different from the anupllavi. But as an overall song it is less coherent, albeit interesting enough. Naan un aruginil seems like Tamasha’s melodic remnant, and works for its lilting melody […]

Nikitha Gandhi’s almost ethereal voice carries the Prologue till Rahman unleashes a dramatic crescendo! In Signs of The Last Prophet, the same prelude by Nikitha is connected to a stunning choir, all culminating in a sprawling finale! Makkah 740 AD, true to its name, showcases Middle Eastern exotica in a pulsating package, while in The […]

Friday October 16, 2015 19:05

Tamasha (Music review), Hindi – A R Rahman

Matargashti is free-spirited and whimsical. It starts sounding European, but eventually enters a retro Hindi sound, forcing one to smile and throw hands up in the air. The instrumental, Parade De La Bastille is, however, true-blue European, with a lively sound. Irshad Kamil’s word-play lifts the Mika-sung Heer toh, a gorgeous qawali’sh tune that ends […]

Kaara aattakkaara‘s promising start devolves into droning nama nama nei. Aye Sinamika is pleasant, but sounds like a now-out-of-vogue boy band’s last-ditch attempt. Mental manadhil (both versions) is jubilantly uptempo and instantly catchy. Naane varugiraen, beyond Shashaa’s vocal dexterity and darbari kanada raaga (thanks to many helpful commenters), is look-ma-I’m-so-obviously-complex. Theera ulaa and Malargal kaettaen […]

Sunday November 16, 2014 11:42

Lingaa (Music review), Tamil – A R Rahman

On nanba is a stunning album opener! Rahman goes full on Middle Eastern, loads on the dance elements to the already zingy tune mildly reminiscent of the iconic Greek-Egyptian Misirlou. SP Balasubramaniam and Dinesh Kanagaratnam, along with the chorus singers deliver a riotous song. In Indiane vaa, the song Rahman chooses to sing himself, Vairamuthu’s […]

Friday October 3, 2014 19:13

Raunaq (Music review), Indipop – A R Rahman

It’s heartening to see Rahman approach Raunaq not as an experimental non-film album, but as a regular film soundtrack, at least going by the tunes. It is also ironic that one of the album’s highlight – Kapil Sibal’s ‘poetry’ – is also its least obvious aspect. Kho jaayein hum explifies it best – musically minimal, […]

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