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Saturday March 2, 2019

Milliblog Weeklies – MAR03.2019

Milliblog Weeklies – India’s only multilingual, weekly new music playlist.
Week 62: On JioSaavn | On YouTube 
13 songs this week. 12 of them are in the JioSaavn playlist (missing the only Malayalam song this week, Athmavil Peyyum, from An International Local Story). YouTube playlist has 10 songs and is missing Badla’s 2 songs (which I have added as a jukebox, below) and Kanna Re Kanna, from Mere Pyare Prime Minister.

A note on the songs in the playlist:

Rezgaariyan & Kanna Re Kanna – Mere Pyare Prime Minister (Shankar Ehsaan Loy) – Hindi: I was not at all impressed with the title song of the film that was launched first. It seemed unusually labored to me, extending that ‘Prime’ word till the point I lost interest. But the trio comes back very strongly with these 2 songs! Rezgaariyan’s guitar is vintage trio and the music is booming and pulsating! The singers—Shankar Mahadevan, Shivam Mahadevan and Arif Lohar—ace the singing, as expected. Rekha Bhardwaj’s Kanna Re Kanna is the extreme opposite – soft and measured, with lovely lines by Gulzar.

Aukaat & Badla – Badla (Clinton Cerejo & Anupam Roy) – Hindi: After Sujoy Ghosh and Clinton Cerejo’s previous collaborations (Kahaani 2, directed by Sujoy, and Te3n, produced by Sujoy), I really expected this new film to belong to Clinton fully. Unfortunately, of the 4 songs, he has just one, with 2 composed by Amaal Malik and one by Anupam Roy. Anupam Roy’s Badla is very nice though, with Manoj Yadav’s lyrics riffing on the other badla, meaning change, away from badla the revenge. Clinton’s Aukaat is excellent, with an energetic rap portion by Jizzy and BigB himself, and a punchy hook.

Sanu Kehndi – Kesari (Tanishk Bagchi) – Hindi/Punjabi – And finally, a Tanishk Bagchi original, and the man gets it so right! It’s an ebullient Punjabi number that is so full of life. The only minor impediment is the dance steps – Akshay Kumar’s neck twist is so violent that it makes my neck hurt 🙂

Chandamame – 118 (Shekar Chandra) – Telugu: Predictable enough tune, but Shekar’s lively rhythm keeps the song engaging, as much as Yazin Nizar’s spritely singing. The interludes, in particular, are well thought-out.

Dil Ki Doya Hoyna – The Folk Diaryz ft EPR (Bengali): Paban Das Baul’s famous song gets a lovely new version that’s brimming with energetic rock and EPR Iyer’s rap. The sound, interjected with Sushruta Goswami, is thoroughly endearing.

Ninna Gungalli – Adhvik (Kannada): A competently composed electronic song in Kannada! Adhvik keeps the tune simple, servicing the pulsating electronic sound more than anything else. The music is enticing. The music video too is a lovely watch given that it explores fantastic locales from Karnataka, including Sathoddi falls, Apsarakonda beach, Chikkamagalur, Kudremukha, Kalasa, Gaalibetta and Raani Jhari.

Heli Hogu Kaarana – Padde Huli (B. Ajaneesh Loknath) – Kannada: B R Lakshman Rao’s verse, known very well in Kannada Bhavageethe circles given C.Ashwath’s searing version, gets a zingy, Latino-infused new version that is a superb effort by Ajaneesh in bringing classic Kannada music to the younger audiences in a way they can adopt and appreciate this music. Siddharth Mahadevan’s fantastic singing and the tune’s raaga (that reminded me of Seerkaazhi Govindarajan’s famous Neeyallaal Dheivam Illai – Subhapantuvarali Raaga) add to the song’s charm.

Athmavil Peyyum – An International Local Story (Gopi Sundar) – Malayalam – A very Gopi song – his signature is all over the song, particularly in the chorus, in the background guitars. Still, the melody is lovely, propped well by Swetha Mohan and Hari Shankar.

Bas Mein – Bhuvan Bam (Hindi): Bhuvan continues to impress with his music – this is his 5th single. The song’s retro groove is particularly good, though the rap parts seem forced.

One Less Day (Dying Young) – Rob Thomas: Former Matchbox Twenty lead vocalist Rob Thomas’ new album, Chip Tooth Smile is expected in the end of April. The first single is just out and it is everything you expect from Rob’s brand of music. The fantastic chorus and anthemic sound is just what one needs as an intro to the new album.

Angels – What a Time To Be Alive (Tom Walker): Tom’s new album is out and my pick of the album is the single he had released from it late last year. Angels has a phenomenally uplifting and addictive ‘Don’t Give Up’ hook that stays with you long after the song is over.

Tuesday February 26, 2019

My Fair Lady’s Man Pasand Gaane!

Read the post on Filmcompanion.

Sunday February 24, 2019

Milliblog Weeklies – FEB24.2019

Milliblog Weeklies – India’s only multilingual, weekly new music playlist.
Week 61: On JioSaavn | On YouTube 
19 songs this week. JioSaavn has 18 of them, which is very good! It’s missing just Anivaga Poothoren from Neermathalam Pootha Kaalam. YouTube has 15 songs and is missing the 2 songs from Sonchiriya (since they are inside a jukebox—have added the jukebox below), Adangaa from Aghavan and Kaathu Kaathe from Argentina Fans Kaattoorkadavu.

A note on the songs in the playlist:

Baaghi Re & Ruan Ruan – Sonchiriya (Vishal Bhardwaj) – Hindi: A Vishal Bhardwaj soundtrack is always interesting, no matter if it is middling sometimes (like Pataakha). Sonchiriya is better than Pataakha, but not Rangoon, Haider or Dedh Ishqiya level. Bhaagi Re, with its superb Western drawl gains immensely from the simple fact that Sukhwinder Singh is not made to sing it. Instead, Mame Khan’s vocals infuse a freshness that the song definitely needs. Ruan Ruan is that sedate melody that Vishal always includes in his soundtracks. Arijit Singh gets the song’s warm melody perfectly. Along with the persistent background whistle, the soundscape is quite immersive.

Kyun Dil Mera – Paharganj (Ajay Singha) – Hindi: A sonorous (almost) ghazal-style melody sung by Mohit Chauhan! The music is unhurried, with a lovely tabla layer, and Mohit’s voice lifts it several notches!

Kyun Rabba – Badla (Amaal Mallik) – Hindi: It is a tad too predictable, but in Armaan Malik’s pleasant vocals, it is eminently listenable. Amaal Mallik, after a familiar start, makes up with a zingy Kyun Rabba hook that lifts the song’s appeal.

Sillu Karuppatti – Agam Thaanai (Pradeep Kumar) – Tamil: That very, very Pradeep Kumar sensibility! The music is simple but eclectic, and most definitely endearing. I really look forward to more from Pradeep’s first—finally!—solo Tamil soundtrack.

Adangaa – Aghavan (C.Sathya) – Tamil: After Adiyaathi, last week Sathya impresses with yet another song from the film. Adangaa is a throwback to the Deva style of melodies from the 90s and 2000s… very, very pleasant and uncluttered melody. Priya Hemesh’s singing deserves a special mention.

Thamizh Anthem – LKG (Leon James) – Tamil: This is a beautifully soulful anthem for Tamizh, the language! That the makers included Manonmaniam Sundaram Pillai’s Thamizh Thaai Vaazhthu inside the song, with the right flow, is a masterstroke! The singers are all top class, led by Sid Sriram and phenomenal support by P.Susheela, Vani Jayaram, L.R.Eswari and Chinmayi. Young Leon James should be very proud of this song!

Oye Kamali – Kalbettada Darodekoraru (J. Anoop Seelin) – Kannada: Oh boy, what a song! The soul-style opening reminded me of Rahman and Adiye… and surprise, there’s no Rahman or Sid Sriram! The classic piano sound by Anoop and the singing by Narayan Sharma and Varijashree Venugopal! This is brilliant stuff by Anoop!

Sanchari Hrudaya – Chambal (Judah Sandhy) – Kannada: The sound is very Judah Sandhy – breezy and pleasant, and the song is a complete departure from the soundtrack’s other songs, by Prabhu S.R and Poornachandra Tejaswi. Judah continues to be extremely promising! Very good vocals by Abhinandan Mahishale and Shreya Iyer.

Aakashamantha – Prema Katha Chitram 2 (JB) – Telugu: This is the 4th song from the film that is highly listenable. I wonder when J.B will get his big break in Telugu, if not for this film, despite his consistently good form over the years! This one’s an easy-on-the-ear catchy song that works almost instantly, plus good singing by Mohammed Hymath and Ramya Behara. The highlight is that Raja’ish anupallavi that is a superb touch.

Paye Paye – Falaknuma Das (Vivek Sagar) – Telugu: Vivek is on a spree!! This is one heck of an ebullient kuthu track that is so beautifully steeped in Telugu folk music! Blisteringly good percussion all through, and fantastic singing by Shiva Nagulu and Rahul Sipligunj.

Mella Mellagaa – ABCD (Judah Sandhy) – Telugu: The other Judah Sandhy song of the week, but in Telugu! And this is a Sid Sriram song as well, along with Aditi Bhavaraju! There is that persistent flute-like sound that is especially addictive and Judah uses it to great effect, layering it mighty well into his tune.

Kappalandi – Ilayaraja (Ratheesh Vega) – Malayalam: Ok, so there’s a Malayalam film called Ilayaraja. I’m assuming this has nothing to do with THE Ilayaraja… or at least the first song doesn’t indicate anything towards that direction (thankfully). It’s a simple, joyously catchy song that gets the hook right. And I had no idea actor Jayasurya could sing this functionally well!!

Kaathu Kaathe & Eenthola – Argentina Fans Kaattoorkadavu (Gopi Sundar) – Malayalam: Eenthola is very similar to Kappalandi, not in terms of the tune, but in getting a simple, foot-tapping melody so very right. Pranavam Sasi’s earthy voice and the anupallavi riffing on delightful Kerala folk tunes is a great touch. Kaathu Kaathe too has its soul in its foot-tapping rhythm, and Sithara Krishnakumar is really good in handling the rhythmic melody that comes alive with lovely Kerala-centric instruments.

Anivaga Poothoren – Neermathalam Pootha Kaalam (Sangeeth Vijayan) – Malayalam: The serene melody took me back to Vidyasagar’s Priyam song, ‘Udayaadha Vennilla’, but the tunes are different, don’t worry. The sound is resonant and beautifully orchestrated. Harisankar K S’s singing is a special highlight.

Pularum Vare – Shibu (Sachin Warrier) – Malayalam: This is the 2nd song sung by Harisankar K.S this week. Composer Sachin Warrier already had impressed hugely with Aliyukayayi/Suhara Song from this film, and he has another winner here. The Ni Sa Ma chorus is a lovely touch, and the main tune has enough strength to become and earworm!

Pretend – CNCO: Latin American boy band, CNCO doesn’t do anything dramatically new here, but whatever they do is catchy and good enough. It’s the age-old Ricky Martin-style Spanish-English pop mix that continues to work.

Tudo Bom – J Balvin, Static & Ben El: Israeli singer Liraz Russo, better known as Static made a splash in 2017 with his reggaeton flavored Hebrew track Tudo Bom. Now, they produce an English crossover of the song that also features J.Balvin. It’s an insanely catchy song featuring multiple genres that seamlessly blend. Here’s the original, just in case: Static and Ben El – Tudo Bom.

Read the post on Filmcompanion.

Sunday February 17, 2019

Milliblog Weeklies – FEB17.2019

Milliblog Weeklies – India’s only multilingual, weekly new music playlist.
Week 60: On JioSaavn | On YouTube 
16 songs this week. JioSaavn has 15 of them, and is missing only Shor Police’s Yaaram (that’s on YouTube)! YouTube has 14 songs, and is missing Kumbalangi Nights’s Don’t Fall and Onnum Mindathe from Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakkeel.

A note on the songs in the playlist:

Yaaram – Shor Police: I approached this cover version (of Vishal Bhardwaj’s song from Ek Thi Daayan) very hesitantly, but I have got to say… this is a very well done cover! The choice of genre, layering EDM into the mix, works mighty well!

Adiyaathi Adyaathi – Aghavan (C Sathya) – Tamil: Composer C Sathya was surprisingly muted in 2018. But he’s in good for his first outing in 2019. Vanthana Srinivasan too is in great form, almost sounding like Chinmayi. The backgrounds and tune for the anupallavi is a pleasant and surprising twist.

Aathadi – Natpe Thunai (Hiphop Tamizha) – Tamil: Largely predictable and familiar template from the Hiphop Tamizha duo, but it sure has zingy energy and one heck of a raucous sound!

Summa & Kanna Kuzhi – Anthony Daasan (Tamil): A song that competes with Hiphop Tamizha’s raucousness, but goes more folk and local, in true Anthony Daasan’s style. The guitar and percussion are spirited, and Anthony’s earthy voice is, as usual, the hero. Kanna Kuzhi, in comparison, is a bit too predictable, with familiar riffs and kuthu rhythm, but again, it’s Anthony’s singing that lifts the song easily.

Adhento Gaani Vunnapaatuga/Marakkavillayae – Jersey (Anirudh) – Telugu/Tamil: I liked the Tamil version over the Telugu version primarily because of Vignesh Shivn’s lyrics. It was particularly good in the anupallavi, with Anirudh’s music and tune flowing beautifully over it.

Inthena Inthena – Suryakantam (Mark K Robin) – Telugu: Mark Robin, who has been associated with background music and singles in films like Awe and Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayulu, gets to produce a mainstream, quintessential Sid Sriram song in Surayakantam. The film does look like his first mainstream, big film. And it’s really good to hear (and see) him on the keyboard in the video – in a way, besides Sid’s stellar vocals, it’s Mark’s work on the keyboard that stands out easily!

First Time Heart Beat – Prema Katha Chitram 2 (JB) – Telugu: That’s the 3rd song from the soundtrack that JB aces! After Merupula Merisina and Naa Kallu Chusedhi, he sure has something going here. The rhythm in First Time Heart Beat is superb, almost a quasi-reggae’ish sound. And PVNS Rohit’s voice carries the tune perfectly.

Puthiya Vazhi – Mr. & Ms. Rowdy (Arun Vijay) – Malayalam: Composer Arun Vijay who had recently scored an ace in Praana, has a winner in Puthiya Vazhi. The melody is rich and deep, aptly backed by a serene sound and lovely flute interludes. Najim Arshad is very, very good with the singing.

Ezhutha Kadha & Don’t Fall – Kumbalangi Nights (Sushin Shyam) – Malayalam: Absolutely lovely, whispery melody by Sushin! This goes back to his Maradona work again, but I’m not complaining at all! Even Don’t Fall, the short track sung by Akhil Unnikrishnan comes brilliantly alive with its psychedelic music and you so wish it wasn’t that short… particularly after the stupendous way it ends!

Babuvetta & Onnum Mindathe – Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakkeel (Gopi Sundar) – Malayalam: The film’s 4-song soundtrack has been split between Gopi and Rahul Raj, 2 each! I liked the 2 songs by Gopi, more than the 2 by Rahul. Babuvetta is spirited kuthu with a really catchy rhythm, while Onnum Mindathe is the soundtrack’s easy highlight. Sasha Tirupati is superb with her range, even as the melody offers her a delightfully smooth tune. The chorus, and the 2 contrasting interludes, in particular, are really good!

Tu Ekda Ha Bolna – Aamhi Befikar (Pranay Adhangale) – Marathi: I’m not familiar with Pranay Adhangale’s body of work, and some of this song seems a bit off too, though I’m not able to point to anything specific. But I’m going to give it to him and add the song to this week’s list. There is enough spunk and style that deserves a listen. I do look forward to more from him.

That’s Mine – Gashi ft. Ledri Vula: The Albanian rapper’s vocals are loaded with a nice drawl that goes well with the catchy hiphop sound. The addictive rhythm and the hook helps too.

Get Free (Chrome Sparks Remix) – Major Lazer, ft. Amber Coffman: Get Free was part of Major Lazer’s second studio album Free the Universe (2013). The new, Chrome Sparks Remix, is significantly more funky and that much more enjoyable!

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