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Aakupachhani chandamaamalaa has a buoyant sound and tune that is instantly appealing. Karthik and Ramya handle it like the pros they are. Suvarna, on the other hand, seems terribly templatized and ennui-inducing. Ditto for the title song that flows with its melody barely causing any impact, though there are shades of M M Keeravani in […]

Thaman builds the title song gradually, but surely, accelerating things with lovely guitar’ish carnatic piece in the first interlude. The composer consistently layers Krishna Chaitanya’s voice akin to a chorus, and this adds a harmonious layer to the vocals. The tune is frothy and easy-on-the-ears. Anu anu is standard-issue Thaman propped by digitally enhanced vocals […]

Monday August 15, 2016 12:12

L 7 (Music review), Telugu – Aravind-Shankar

Hot coffee kappu is classic, time-tested mambo presented really well by Arvind-Shankar! Harshitha Krishnan’s sultry vocals adds to that, while Shudeep Chandrasekar offers her good company. Yazin Nizar is incredibly earnest in the blues’y ballad-style So so baby, literally singing outside the window of the lady, complete with a dog barking in the background). The […]

Pranaamam works as a simple, resonant and catchy pop-bhajan, in Shankar Mahadevan’s punchy vocals with clear diction. Rock on bro‘s rock/pop anthem ambitions are obvious and given Raghu Dixit’s excellent singing and a thumping rhythm, it makes the cut. With esoteric rhymes like Apple beauty and Newton gravity, Apple beauty is trademark Devi material – […]

Round and round has a rousing tune and an even more rousing and thumping rhythm. Anuraag Kulkarni and the uncredited chorus handle it mighty well. Joomega is even better! The instantly catchy song sounds like a classic Latino-infused Ricky Martin pop song, with Bond-style (the string quartet, not the Brit spy), with excellent, spritely vocals […]

Friday August 12, 2016 11:16

Thikka (Music review), Telugu – SS Thaman

The title song, sung by Dhanush—credited as ‘Dhanush (Hero)’—no less, is simple, uncluttered and easy-on-the-ears, but that’s just about it. Hot Shot Hero, by Simbu—credited as ‘Simbu (Hero)’—fares a shade below, with a droning tune. Dirty Picture, led by Usha Uthup, with its smattering of Pancham-style retro is something Thaman reserves for Mahesh Babu, and […]

Mallela vaanala‘s plethora of likeable sounds prop the decent-enough tune, rendered well by Naresh Iyer. Snehithudo seems to be traversing between Gowrimanohari and Dharmavathi raagas, with Ghibran’s busy orchestration adding considerable charm. That layered orchestration saves the otherwise middling tune of Raaka raaka too – the sounds, including carnatic style guitaring and Yash Chopra-style mandolin, […]

Chotisi jindagi is a straight-forward Thaman style techno song with its rhythm-quotient aimed at being foot-tapping. Dhum dhum is no different, with its energetic sound and punchy vocals by Sri Krishna. Rabba rabba is fantastic – its minimal rhythm builds into a heady sound after the first minute, while Thaman layers it with an absorbing […]

Ee babu gariki comes alive with its spritely country music sound and Suraj Santhosh’s spirited vocals. Chinuku taake is gorgeous, as a melody, but Amritavarshini’s singing pulls it down a notch. Raalu raaga poolamala is an interesting concoction – a cool techno layer over Wilson Herald’s retro tune. Merise merise‘s easy-on-the-ear tune is marred by […]

The title song has a Harris Jayaraj’ish appeal and sing-along’ishness, complete with ‘O o oooo’ flourishes. Nuvvu nenu anna‘s wedding-style orchestration—though synthesized—makes it endearing, as does Surendra and Nayana Nair’s vocals. Anudeep and Lipsika are equally impressive in Egire oohalake, a possibly Karaharapriya raaga melody, handling the lively tune and the Carnatic aalaaps very well. […]

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