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The title song is familiar, no doubt, but has a joyous outlook that is thoroughly enjoyable! Ranjith and Gopika Poornima’s singing and the buoyant strings by Chennai Strings Orchestra add to the charm. Incredibly familiar rhythm in Nee vente nenunte, but Kapil’s vocals and the engaging tune win. Bhramaramba, with a repetitive, rhythmic sound gets […]

Adi Shankaracharya’s Kaala Bhairava Ashtakam gets a snazzy power-version in Sunny’s capable imagination. Roland Fernandes’s electric guitar adds a racy layer to the fabulous 6-singers chorus. Mikey McCleary’s recreation—while sounding immensely like Mikey’s—doesn’t quite gel with the intonation-style verses and tune. Shalmali sashays in stylishly in Telusa that’s Sunny’s trademark, with captivating sounds and a […]

Mani Sharma nails the bass and catchy tune of Paapi kondallo while his interludes offer a smattering of the Ilayaraja goodness. Meghale thele naalona has Vamsy’s finger-print in terms of the bizarre additions, though the main tune is a lovely listen too. Ravi Varma chitrama sounds just like Sagar Mahathi’s music – exotic musical layers […]

Thursday May 11, 2017 19:28

Radha (Music review), Telugu – Radhan

Kaakki chokka is a foot-stomper of a hero-intro, with an extra punch in the percussion, though on a standard-issue tune, relying more on sound. The spritely percussion continues in Choopultho guchchi, a bit too overbearing on the otherwise soft melody. Ranjith is dependably good with the singing. Oye mera Krishuuu is the 3rd song with […]

Tuesday April 25, 2017 18:25

Venkatapuram (Music review), Telugu – Achu

Egire‘s background rhythm is delightfully unique and goes beautifully with the engaging melody sung by Yazin Nizar and Keka Ghoshal. Benny Dayal’s O Maya settles into a nice and catchy EDM groove, while Kokkoroko, together with the 5 singers, has a pretty good techno hook. Thanevaro‘s pensive melody is soulful and Achu handles it himself […]

The title song is yet-another generic high-pitched call for some cause. Chellakutti joraa, like Justin’s Ethithu veetu kaliflowere (Raja Mandhiri) has a gently playful and retro’ish touch, with a particularly imaginative nadhaswaram-thavil mix, but for a middling tune. Poi varavaa‘s maudlin medley drones on, but in Vaikom Vijayalakshmi’s voice, Vaasamulla poovaa makes for a haunting […]

A dash of 80s synth pop. Almost Harris Jayaresque bare essential sound. But Mickey layers them on a lovely melody in Edho edho bagunde, with fantastic long phrases sung beautifully by Rahul Nambiar. Kadile lokam mottham and Kanulake teliyani seem to be stuffed with Harris Jayaraj’ish gibberish! That they both have rhythmic, largely likeable sound […]

Saahore Baahubali‘s jaunty rhythm keeps it in great stead! Daler Mehndi and Mounima, along with Keeravani himself lead it in style, while the chorus is brilliant. Hamsa naava has a lovely thrumming lilt that is almost hypnotic! The chorus is wonderful yet again, along with Sony and Deepu’s pitch-perfect singing. Dandaalayyaa‘s sweeping sound seems crafted […]

Mira mira mixes swanky guitar and a dash of Wild West in what is essentially a catchy kuthu. Laage laage is no different; that violin phrase is such a lovely touch to the captivating sound. Dhanunjay’s earthy vocals and the pulsating folk rhythm aids Jivvu jivvu, while his other song, Yelo yedarilo is the soundtrack’s […]

Kadhiley kadhiley has some snazzy keys and guitar, but fails to engage as a tune, while Rangadeva would make Thaman proud. Hey Sairam treats the peace loving Sai with some manic sound. Composer Suresh Bobbili hits back in Aa chandamama, with a lovely MJ’ish pop sound, supported darn well by Sweekar Agasthya’s singing. Things get […]

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