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NW1W. Keywords: S3, Singam 3, Harris Jayaraj Listen to the songs on Eros.

Kannungala chellangala is truly intriguing, and captivating! It also has horrendous vocals by Yuvan, besides Selvaraghavan’s inventive lines like ‘Setha naai mela thaan ethana lorry thaan’. Maalai varum has a likeable rock ballad-style melody, with that catchy ‘Ramsay’ call-out. But, it also has stomach-churningly bad singing by Dhanush and Yuvan. Yuvan offers a frenetic drum-and-bass […]

Sid Sriram starts off in his characteristic style in Hey penne, but Santhosh Dayanidhi tweaks the tune adequately soon and the result is a highly enjoyable mix that includes a veena interlude and a reggae’ish portion. Kangalai sutrum kanavugalai sounds like a more enthusiastic and lively version of A R Rahman’s Vellai pookkal from Kannathil […]

Ajesh’s lone composition, Oorumona orathula is a lyrical oddity, with Anthonydasan claiming that Che Guevera will join his next political rally. Raghu Dixit opens his account with Karakudike rani, a raucous song that revels in its ribaldry, aided by an energetic rhythm. In Koluse sol koluse, Raghu suffixes a joyous, Calypso’ish medley to Mangalyam thandhunane, […]

Saturday November 12, 2016 11:31

Paambhu Sattai (Music review), Tamil – Ajesh

Neeyum naanum has a lovely, easy-on-the-ears lilt. That it’s also mighty short, with just one pallavi and charanam, and the faint echo of Rahman’s Indira number Odakkaara Maarimuthu makes it all the more interesting. Ajesh composes and sings this one very confidently. Nee uravaaga gets its choice of singers brilliantly right – Shreya Ghoshal and […]

Tuesday November 8, 2016 19:21

Maaveeran Kittu (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Pooja’s singing and Imman’s claps-led orchestration work beautifully over Elanthaari‘s enticing melody. The reprise offers a lovely variant, with Sniti Mishra’s mighty unique vocals and a fresh background. Pradeep Kumar’s affecting vocals help Inaivom transcend the generic inspirational sound. Unkooda‘s soul is Kalyani Nair, who traverses Imman’s unconventional melody and the gorgeous violin phrases beautifully. […]

Wednesday November 2, 2016 20:11

Rum (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

Hola amigo is exotic and funky hip-hop served with Anirudh’esque punch that includes what sounds like kanjira and snatches of dialog from Netflix’s Narcos! Incidentally, the song’s other version, Hola Senorita is straight out of Narcos, high on Latino fusion and a fantastic violin-led ending. Kadavule vidai has a pleasing, inspirational sound like Michael Jackson’s […]

Monday October 31, 2016 10:32

Rubaai (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Asuthuthe features incredibly breezy guitar and Imman takes on the singing duties of the frothy tune confidently, with it taking a gorgeous Latino flavor too. Unkooda pesathaane is Imman + Shreya Ghoshal – enough said! Imman hands her an almost-Raja’ish melody with a lovely chorus, but a modern rhythm that seems uncomfortable in the background. […]

Nee pona‘s easy, cool tune is a definite plus but the overall package is a bit too lethargic for comfort. Gum zaare‘s package is no different with a cringe-worthy, outdated sound and the tune struggling to stay interesting. Thankfully, GVP turns things around in Hey pathu podi with a funky tune and a lovely accordion’ish […]

Naan konjam karuppu thaan has what is now easily associated with Hiphop Tamizha’s sound – punchy percussion, and a catchy tune. The title song is essentially no different, but with more noise. Khareshma Ravichandran’s stylish rendition lifts Idhayam idhayam easily, with the composer’s funky orchestration working in sync. Ellame kaasu too has an easily foot-tapping […]

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