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Despite Mukesh’s enthusiastic signing and the ebullient percussion, Uchimalai is perfunctory. But in Ilaratham soodera, Yuvan shows how to do even the perfunctory in a convincing manner! Otha paarvayil starts with a haunting prelude but goes downhill as soon as Yuvan starts to indulge in something akin to singing. Even Srimathumitha seems out of sorts. […]

Monday March 27, 2017 15:17

Veera (Music review), Tamil – Leon James

Ootaanda soltuvaa is a fun, pulse-pounding mix, layering thara local lyrics and kuthu rhythm on top of a significantly more upmarket, funky package. A similar raucous mix in Mama mama and Nijaaru usaaru don’t work as well as Ootaanda, though. The choice of Sid Sriram and Neeti Mohan works wonders in Verrattaama verratturiye—an ear-worm of […]

Karuppadu throbs with inventive corniness, with a dash of Santhosh Narayanan! Arunraja and Dhibu’s singign augments the hilarious tone. Pradeep Kumar is perfect for Nee kavithaigala, a Sean Roldan’ish melody that is oh-so-gentle. Dhibu builds the song beautifully into a rock ballad of sorts. Sharanya Gopinath’s diva-style singing carries the Bond Theme style Aasai. The […]

Sathya Prakash breathes life—as much as Chinmayi does with her humming—into Rahman’s evocative melody in Nallai allai. Vairamuthu’s beautifully Tamil verse sounds pitch perfect in Sathya Prakash’s careful diction. But for the ill-conceived Punjabi detour, Azhagiye works brilliantly, with a spritely energy, Haricharan’s (Or is it Arjun Chandy leading the singing?) lively vocals and Karky’s […]

It’s perhaps Ananthu’s incredibly affecting vocals. Or, it could be the beautifully layered strings. Or, is it the Celtic-infused prelude that sets the context and carries across the song? Vaanam is one heck of a title song! Selvaraghavan’s lyrics have a unique challenge – to write about a grandfather! And the lines take a refreshingly […]

For Pinjula‘s bizarre lyrics and offbeat, stoner variant of the love-failure template, STR’s pedestrian singing actually seems appropriate. Vishal’s choice of mounting the efficient rock sound of Marandhadhe on Anirudh’s vocals works pretty well, while Sarpetta, beyond the catchiness, is good old Santhosh Narayanan material. Sinduri lifts the already trippy Pesugiraai to a new high, […]

Kuyile and Kanavugal aayiram are so very Vidyasagar! Not to take credit away from Afzal, both melodies are wonderfully involving, with Haricharan-Shwetha Mohan and Najeem Arshad-Latha Krishna handling it brilliantly, respectively. Afzal ups the ante in Vinnulaka devathai, showcasing fantastic orchestration with superb folk percussion in the interludes and letting Najeem Arshad ace the immersive […]

Aritharam poosi sounds interesting as long as it traverses the blues’y piano, but outside of it, the rest of the fusion sounds clumsy at best. Aagaayam is Sid Sriram’s show all the way! The singer is completely in control of the dreamy ballad. But composer Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy’s best is Pudavai nilave! He ropes in Dhanush […]

Let’s Go Party and Yaar ivano sound woefully dated, including lyrics that allude to AB Positive and Android in the former, as if cementing that dated’ness. Sokki poraandi is no different, evoking Rahman’s brief faux-village music phase, but GVP has a lovely melody that plays interestingly with the percussion. Kannodu kannodu is fantastic! Sathya Prakash […]

Monday February 13, 2017 20:02

Kavan (Music review), Tamil – Hiphop Tamizha

The pulse-pounding Happy New Year sounds like something composed after a night of drunk revelry. Oxygen harks back to Harris-Anand combo! Excellent melody, with intriguing instrumental choices. Mathurangalaam‘s jazz base is interesting, but the mocking-twang makes it odd, sans visuals. Theeraadha vilayaattu pillai! Option A, for Bharathiyaar: “I prefer Parthasarathy Temple’s elephant to this!” Option […]

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