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Move over Ji, here comes Bro! Easy listen – cool techno-pop done well. Vivek’s inspirational verse works in Nirkadhey, but the song, despite that catchy vocalized rhythm, doesn’t come together cohesively. Kannaal modhadhey is quite a rocker! Funky synth by Naveen and Satt Richard, coupled with Babu’s trumpet and Sid Sriram’s flamboyant vocals. The 4 […]

Karthik Raja’s melody in Ithuvarai naan is lush and indulgent; thankfully, there’s a Chinmayi version, and a Government decree may be the only way to get Yuvan to stop singing! Vijay Yesudas aces the single-word Hkkumttada, that sounds like an extension of Ithuvarai and the somber, beautifully-orchestrated Inaiye. Kombathi Komban is a frenzied folk mishmash, […]

Ek gau mein starts off funnily with the iconic dialog from Indru Poi Naalai Vaa, but the lyrics get progressively horrendous, topped by STR singing about a guy taking a leak. The music and tune are incidental and pointless. Kattaduraikku has a nice comic lilt that gets accentuated by Gangai Amaren’s theatrical rendition, but in […]

In the thematic instrumental, Ghibran’s beautifully woven strings and flute combo is reminiscent of Ilayaraja’s. Banupriya’s (Karu karunnu), Oorvashi’s (Carratu Pottazhagaa) and Saranya’s (Time Passukkosaram) songs are short, but highly rhythmic and appealing. Chennai Qawwali Kids’ vocal harmony in Bullet Song is impressive, on a middling Mast Qalandar recreation. Karthi does quite well in the […]

Damn damn screams heroine-introduction. ‘Vaadi en chellakili’ screams Britney Spears. The song screams ‘Harris Jayaraj’. Morada sticks to standard-issue boy-band sound, but Karky’s city life idiosyncracies (“Idhu wifi kaadu”) is entertaining! Bombay Jayashri’s Yemma yea reaches a tantalizing high with the tribal’ish hook, set on a wonderful, Vaseegara’ish melody. Vijay Yesudas’s Silu silu is uncluttered […]

Wednesday April 19, 2017 20:08

Thiri (Music review), Tamil – Ajesh

Akka maga is Deva 2.0 gaana, with a significantly more modern sound. Gana Vinoth’s blistering rendition outplays S.P.Raja Sethupathi’s vocals in the other version, Kannu Rekha. Uravey is absolutely gorgeous, with that awesome ‘Oru kadalil vandhu sernthaal’ line! Sathyaprakash’s version is considerably better than Thilak Anand’s reprise. Yaavum needhaaney‘s charukesi-raga base makes it an easy […]

Monday April 17, 2017 18:50

Maayavan (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Mella mella has all the hallmark of a Ghibran song – multi-layered orchestration, excellent vocal harmonies that beautifully lift the anupallavi and interludes and a saccharine-sweet melody perfectly handled by Shwetha Subram and Abishek. Bodhai poo raises the bar significantly further with its exotic instrumental mix and a fabulously rhythmic hook that Sharanya Gopinath renders […]

Aalangiliye is incredibly pleasant and so very likeable across the melody, the interludes, the singing, with a more-than-generous dollop of early Rahman, particularly Aathangara marame. The gentle, lilting kuthu Karukku kallangolu gains enormously from Anirudh’s oh-so-casual rendition, with Sean Roldan’ish intrusions like that nadaswaram interlude. Andha madhiri ponna ups the ante, with lovely strings, tabla […]

The profusion of keys and violin that starts Nee illai endraal paves way to the soft melody so very well, even as Haricharan and Vandana Srinivasan converse in perfect sync. Sathya Prakash holds Ithu pol together with his splendid singing, though the tune is largely flat, with a been-there melodic sound. The soundtrack’s best is […]

Sean Roldan is an interestingly different choice to lead Yembuttu irukkuthu aasai, though, along with Kalyani Nair, he infuses life into the otherwise standard-issue filmy retro melody. Marhaba aavona overdoes the same faux-retro, fully-filmy tone, though Shreya’s singing elevates it significantly. Semma joru is lot of fun – simple, catchy and infectious vocals by Vishal. […]

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