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En oruthiye has a catchy rhythm and a breezy melody that Sriramachandra delivers impressively. And lovely use of Kishore’s sitar. Das’s shehnai (and sax!) does something similar to Kilukilu payaai that comes alive more for Parthiban’s word-play. Wifeh lovvu is a power-kuthu with Joseph Vijay’s electric guitar playing nicely over the raucous rhythm, though the […]

Kan vatchutta‘s playful word-play and that intriguing wind-instrument is a neat trick that helps tide over the relatively plain tune. The title song goes down further – a rhymes-like title hook and a retro-pop doesn’t help either. The song’s Club Mix version fares considerably better, turning it into a throbbing dance floor track! Darbuka Siva’s […]

Sunday December 4, 2016 14:23

Bogan (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Damaalu dumeelu is a punchy gimmick at best, stringing together iconic punch dialogs into a manic kuthu. Luksimi Sivaneswaralingam’s vocal prowess helps Senthoora, an otherwise standard-issue Imman material. Inno Genga’s reprise, handled differently, manages to sound better, though! Kooduvittu is a competent rehash of Imman’s own songs, with coolth flowing from Jyoti Nooran, and Arvind […]

Kadhal pennae rides on Karthik’s dependably excellent vocals and the little nuances Sam layers, like the dramatic change in rhythm to start and end the anupallavi, and that really short and fast, ‘Kanavula needhaan’ piece that he uses just once, to great effect! Theera oru and Yaeno are outdated in every conceivable way; routine pathos […]

SP Balasubrahmanyam sounding like his 80s/90s self in Enda ippadi is reason enough to love the song! Nivas adds a lot more – the tune has a nice repetitive ring, besides the nadaswaram layer, the occasional kuthu rhythm and catchy rap by Emcee Gonsales! The song’s pathos variant Or naal kaadhal is an awkward listen, […]

NW1W. Keywords: S3, Singam 3, Harris Jayaraj Listen to the songs on Eros.

Kannungala chellangala is truly intriguing, and captivating! It also has horrendous vocals by Yuvan, besides Selvaraghavan’s inventive lines like ‘Setha naai mela thaan ethana lorry thaan’. Maalai varum has a likeable rock ballad-style melody, with that catchy ‘Ramsay’ call-out. But, it also has stomach-churningly bad singing by Dhanush and Yuvan. Yuvan offers a frenetic drum-and-bass […]

Sid Sriram starts off in his characteristic style in Hey penne, but Santhosh Dayanidhi tweaks the tune adequately soon and the result is a highly enjoyable mix that includes a veena interlude and a reggae’ish portion. Kangalai sutrum kanavugalai sounds like a more enthusiastic and lively version of A R Rahman’s Vellai pookkal from Kannathil […]

Ajesh’s lone composition, Oorumona orathula is a lyrical oddity, with Anthonydasan claiming that Che Guevera will join his next political rally. Raghu Dixit opens his account with Karakudike rani, a raucous song that revels in its ribaldry, aided by an energetic rhythm. In Koluse sol koluse, Raghu suffixes a joyous, Calypso’ish medley to Mangalyam thandhunane, […]

Saturday November 12, 2016 11:31

Paambhu Sattai (Music review), Tamil – Ajesh

Neeyum naanum has a lovely, easy-on-the-ears lilt. That it’s also mighty short, with just one pallavi and charanam, and the faint echo of Rahman’s Indira number Odakkaara Maarimuthu makes it all the more interesting. Ajesh composes and sings this one very confidently. Nee uravaaga gets its choice of singers brilliantly right – Shreya Ghoshal and […]

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