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Monday February 13, 2017 20:02

Kavan (Music review), Tamil – Hiphop Tamizha

The pulse-pounding Happy New Year sounds like something composed after a night of drunk revelry. Oxygen harks back to Harris-Anand combo! Excellent melody, with intriguing instrumental choices. Mathurangalaam‘s jazz base is interesting, but the mocking-twang makes it odd, sans visuals. Theeraadha vilayaattu pillai! Option A, for Bharathiyaar: “I prefer Parthasarathy Temple’s elephant to this!” Option […]

Sunday February 12, 2017 20:20

Dora (Music review), Tamil – Vivek-Mervin

There’s a whiff of early Rahman in Engapora Dora, particularly in the semi-classical twist with the uncredited female humming and the veena-based, most-probably Senchurutti raaga interlude. Vaazhavudu‘s energetic rhythm keeps it spritely! Plus the keys-led interlude and Sanjana Kalmanje’s vocals… lively stuff! Ra ra ra has that energetic sound too, and here it’s literally breathless, […]

Sunday February 12, 2017 20:15

Yaman (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Antony

Yem mela kai vachaa gaali is a menacing kuthu that makes the intent very clear, loaded with cringe-inducing rhyming words. Damelo dumelo is lyricist Vetriselvan spectacular show of assembling the most absurd set of gibberish in one song, in a punchy dance package. Yazin Nizar and Janaki Iyer’s sub-standard vocals compete with Vijay’s grating background […]

Sooda oru sooriyan has a heady percussion to go for it and the hook is catchy too, but it doesn’t press further. Paarai mele is that kind of song which deserved a better singer, one who can differentiate between ‘l’ and ‘L’ in Tamil, and can sing in tune, unlike Yuvan. His tune is fantastic, […]

Saturday February 4, 2017 10:48

Sivalinga (Music review), Tamil – S.S.Thaman

Chinna Kabali is standard-issue Thaman kuthu, espousing Raghava Lawrence’s superstar ambitions in an instantly foot-tapping package. Sirikka vechu‘s lilting and simple melody is endearing, though it seems like a new-age Deva song. Rangu rakkara is the perfect cocktail of 3 things – wonderfully absurd thara-local lyrics, Anirudh’s manic singing and Thaman’s undeniably catchy sound aimed […]

Wednesday January 18, 2017 20:37

Adhe Kangal (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Idho thaanaagave sees Ghibran go hard-rock with a vengeance, almost like a sitar-infused Blaze of Glory (Bon Jovi) even as Yazin Nizar rocks the high-powered rendition! Its variant, I Have Nothing is a slow-burner R&B that’s foot-tapping, complete with Jah Hill’s gibberish verses.Ponapokkil has an elfin charm, and even segues into an unusually retro anupallavi […]

Justin constructs the somber Engeyo pogum almost like a bridge to Ilayaraja’s anupallavi from Aval Appadithaan’s Uravugal thodarkadhai. Kanna katti is delightful – spiffy tune and jaunty rhythm, and wonderful vocals by Haricharan! Latha Krishna joins him eventually and the nostalgic Raja flavor in anupallavi adds to the song’s charm. Kannukulla, a simple, 80s style […]

Ondroduthan ondroga, the friendship anthem, has joyful sound, and Anirudh, handling it perfectly, gets splendid support from Chennai Boys Choir. Mannenna vepenna is the friendship anthem’s anti-thesis, showing utter disdain for certain types of friends in a get-down-to-the-ground kuthu format. Kannadi poovukku is gorgeous! Haricharan and Jonita Gandhi are in splendid form, as always, while […]

Yaaro ucchikilai meley is vintage Yuvan; lilting rhythm and a pleasant melody. Unn badhil vendi‘s tune seems retrofitted on Na.Muthukumar’s poetry, and Unnai‘s verses seem even more melody-agnostic, going ‘Nee sirithu mayakkum muganool padangalukku, en aanmaavilirundhu araivari eduthu ezhudhinaal podhum, nee Like seivaai‘, resulting in an uncomfortably perfunctory tune. Kaadhal oru kattukkadhai rides largely on […]

Wednesday December 21, 2016 14:33

Bairavaa (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Varlaam varlaam vaa is Vijay’s own Neruppu daa! The swagger is intact, and the lyrics aptly eulogises the star. Nillayo layers the breezy hook onto the very-Santhosh strings, though Vairamuthu’s ‘silicon silayo’ could mean entirely something else. Barring the foot-tapping kuthu in Papa papa, and interestingly bluesy notes in Pattaya kelappu (where Vairamuthu alludes to […]

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