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As I had confessed in my Facebook update, I’m a dead slow reader of printed books. I see to consume more per book in audiobook format or even ebooks format, both on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (no, not on a tablet or Kindle!). I intentionally bought a print version of Baradwaj Rangan’s book on Mani […]

Let me start with a confession. Despite having been a massive fan of Ilayaraja ever since I remember, I heard ‘Jotheyali’ from the 1980 Kannada film Geetha…for the first time in my life…in 2008. Yes, *ashamed*. Wait, there’s more. I heard ‘Emani ne’ from the 1983 Telugu film Mantrigari Viyyankudu…in 2011. Yes, last year…for the […]

Wednesday February 1, 2012 18:49

What kind of music reviewer am I?

This is going to be tough, but I need to get this off my chest. Milliblog is 5+ years old. I have ‘reviewed’ 100s of soundtracks across languages. Initially when people used to mail me that they love my reviews and that I have great music sense, I used to feel good. After 5+ years, […]

Update (Dec.28, 2011): Here’s the Love Anthem, by Simbu! There’s no word of the Rihanna and Akon association, and there’s no mention of the composer either, considering Simbu is an actor, not a composer. The song does sound good, however. And I notice Sony Music trying a Kolaveri’sh tactic of adding mobile downloads and subtitles! […]

Wednesday December 7, 2011 22:00

Songs that were not picturized!

These days, there are soundtracks with so many songs (like Rockstar) that you don’t really expect all those songs to be included in the film’s narrative. In fact, directors like Maniratnam have started picturizing only a few songs from the soundtrack and retaining the rest as background pieces! While debating the good and bad of […]

If you still haven’t seen the song of the season, you must be living under quite a big rock! This. It’s a pretty funky song, no doubt, with horrendous lyrics by the singer himself – actor Dhanush, or Rajinikant’s son-in-law, as he’s better introduced to the rest of India. But I understand why the song […]

Saturday November 12, 2011 21:53

Linda Linda (Tee Set) – What do you think?

The last time I had posted such a question, the debate went into a major tailspin! Let’s see how things go this time. Does this song remind you of any Hindi song? Hat tip: Tanvir Ansari

Yet another big budget Bollywood film…yet another music soundtrack leak! Yes, Shah Rukh Khan’s magnum opus, Ra.One was supposed to have a music launch on Monday, but the soundtrack (with the exception of one song, Dildaara) is already out on the net. People are downloading it at a furious pace and it has also made […]

This is by far the best, most passionate and most interesting comment I have got on Milliblog. I may not agree with much of it, but it made for superb listening…far more interesting than any written comment I’ve got yet. This is by a long-time Milliblog fan named Yaju Arya and he was kind enough […]

Tuesday August 2, 2011 09:29

On brands like Milliblog, ItwoFS…

I had written – in detail, at that! – about the sites (I called them ‘brands’) that I have conceived and built since year 2000, on my other blog. Considering it also includes a lot of background information about this blog, ItwoFS and my first site (arrmp3), I assume it may make sense to cross-plug […]

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