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Purwaiyaa builds itself into a delightful track, with the minute-long serene intro segueing beautifully into the joyous ourburst. Shivam’s age shows in his singing, but Shraddha’s voice is mature beyond her years. That manifests even better in her first solo, Shukriya, with Gulraj’s music remaining consistently engaging. The song’s reprise is even better, with a […]

Friday July 31, 2015 22:06

Filament (Music review), Shankar Tucker

Shankar’s clarinet offers an interesting backdrop to Chal chal sakhi, expertly sung by Ankita Joshi, with the tabla and cajon adding a compelling layer. The 4-part Aa re chanda actually plays seamlessly. Sandeep Mishra’s sarangi underscores the Alaap, while Devendra Pal Singh’s vocals take over Exposition that blooms with a pleasant tune, accentuated by guitar, […]

If Dil kookay is standard-issue pop ballad, Janiya fares better, thanks to Shafqat’s now-familiar vocal nuances, and engaging music. Ratiyaan goes a notch up – pensive and beautifully orchestrated modern-day ghazal, while Sun lo and Tere liye are quintessentially Fuzon’ish. Shafqat does wonders to Khusro’s verses in Rang, keeping it simple and earthy, while the […]

Sonu’s vocals rock Saiyyan bina, an eclectic concoction laid over chaste Hindi lyrics, that ends on a scintillating note! Paane chala‘s addictively simple tune gets better as it progresses, though the digital additions to Sonu’s voice jars. Khamaka‘s flamboyant sound is fantastic and Sonu manages the oddly flowing lyrics in his versatile voice beautifully. Walida […]

Ghunghat, based on Bulleh Shah’s Kafi crackles with guitaring that almost has a conversation with Sharmistha! Mohammad Ahsan Papu’s flute and Louis Pinto’s drums offer splendid support too! The other song based on Bulleh Shah’s Kafi, Sayon, is a wonderfully pleasant melody, and besides Sharmistha’s adept handling of the complex tune and Papu’s flute work […]

Friday October 3, 2014 19:13

Raunaq (Music review), Indipop – A R Rahman

It’s heartening to see Rahman approach Raunaq not as an experimental non-film album, but as a regular film soundtrack, at least going by the tunes. It is also ironic that one of the album’s highlight – Kapil Sibal’s ‘poetry’ – is also its least obvious aspect. Kho jaayein hum explifies it best – musically minimal, […]

Sunday August 10, 2014 21:35

TV Dinners (Music review) – Mikey McCleary

Anushka Manchanda rocks her two songs, The Little Things You Do and Chase Every Dream. The former’s lazy guitar’y goodness is coupled with delightful harmonica that gets more prominent than in the jingle. The latter is merely an extended motivational, middling rock track. Of the two songs by Shalmali Kholgade, the Just A Little Crush, […]

Shalmali breezes through the already popular (Coke TVC!) Aaj ki raat – it’s consistently and tantalisingly groovy! Among her other renditions, Ja ja bewafa, with a lovely reggae base easily works, while Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi, Awara hoon and Woh haseen dard just barely make a mark. Jagjit Singh’s ghazal Tum itna jo turns massively […]

Wednesday February 12, 2014 19:50

French Kiss (Music review), Indipop – Sharib-Toshi

The title song is as much fun as a post-two-pegs song in a Delhi bar – nice and catchy. Its international club mix is apt after the 6th peg. Hai soniye has mitti di khushboo emanating even out of its concrete exterior – tuneful Punju ballad. Its Pind version eschews concrete to offer more earthiness. […]

Wednesday February 12, 2014 19:42

Armaan (Music review), Indipop – Armaan Malik

Armaan ropes in Salim Merchant for the techno ballad Krazy Konnection – passable, with a catchy hook. Its Dubstep mix is headache-inducing, though. Roke na koi tries something similar, and manages to annoy with ease. What love is has a 80s one-hit-wonder pop sound, while Tu hi tu meanders aimlessly like only a templatized Indipop […]

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