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Wednesday December 28, 2016 10:08

The Story Now (Music review), Indipop – Papon

There is enough flamboyance in the way Papon delivers the reggae’ish Loving A Dream; and then there is Kalyan Baruah’s superb guitar too. Tapas Roy’s mandolin and Sameer Chiplunkar’s accordion create the old-world charm of Kahin na kahin with Papon breezing through the languorous melody. Saahil is interesting for the wav’y orchestration Papon assembles, particularly […]

Tuesday September 27, 2016 20:25

Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 9 – Milliblog top 10

Season 9 of Coke Studio by Strings was largely a middle-of-the-road affair. I did follow it week after week, but many episodes were completely bereft anything memorable. So, instead of doing a weekly update, I decided to do it as a top 10… my personal top 10 favorites from this season. Visit Coke Studio Pakistan, […]

Ota, the Kannada opener of the album is a lovely song split by marked changes to the sound at the end of each utterance of ‘Saaguve na munde’ by Chandana Bala! After the first, there is a subtle percussion addition to what was till then primarily guitar-driven. After the second, the lively jazz’y backgrounds kick-in. […]

In Hobena, Antarman transform Lalon Fakir’s classic Baul going far beyond the ektara-laced sound, into captivating soft rock! Pooja Shankar full-throated singing adds to the song’s charm. Maati‘s contemplative melody is wonderfully endearing in Rahul Mukherjee’s fantastic vocals. Pooja joins in later, when the decidedly more folk rhythms kick in, to take the song into […]

Thursday May 19, 2016 18:10

Suno (Music review), Indipop – Shilpa Rao

Ankhiyan udeek diya gets a spirited prelude courtesy Arshad Khan’s israj before the lively drums kick in, paving way for Shilpa. She is fantastic in handling the familiar tune, with a lovely command for parts like ‘Aaja pardesiya’. For Aj latha naio, Shilpa turns it into a sonorously ambient package, with the music—headlined by Pranai […]

The title song shines with spiffy orchestration, and truly takes flight as Kailash starts with, ‘Le tu nadiya magmaati’. O Jogi is a great listen, with its spritely, jazz-tinged sound, layered with imaginative sax and trumpet. Meherbani starts with a mesmerizing handover from Flamenco guitar (Amir John Haddad) to Rabab (Tapas Roy), before Paresh’s electric […]

Wednesday November 11, 2015 11:43

Touch (Music review) – Anil Srinivasan

Waltz for Sharik, composed originally by jazz pianist as Waltz for Peach, has a lovely bass by Naveen Napier and adds a more meditative touch to what was originally a spritely tune. Rakesh Chaurasia’s reimagination of Vaishna janato (a 15th century composition by Narsinh Mehta that became popular as Gandhi’s favorite bhajan) gains enormously from […]

Sunday November 1, 2015 11:52

Navarasam (Music review) – Thaikkudam Bridge

The title song is a goosebumps-inducing conversation between guitar, violin and what seems like Panthuvarali raaga, combined with a majestic power-Theyyam piece mid-way and a superbly ambient ending that lasts for over 1.5 minutes! Shiva extends the sound in very similar ways, using the guitar to great effect and Anish Krishnan having what is possibly […]

Shelle’s Punjabi word-play, and choice of words in particular, stand out in Inayat, a haunting, almost prayer-like tune. The vocals start with Clinton and Vijay taking turns, till Bianca swooshes in for a lovely phrase after the 3-minute mark. Haal-e-dil comes alive with Clinton and Pozy’s guitar work and Gino’s drums, as much as it […]

Sunday September 13, 2015 11:34

Silence Is Bliss (Music review) – Naveen Kumar

The title song is a wonderfully pleasant combination of Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt’s Mohan Veena and Naveen’s Naveen Flute. The soothing melody is ably supported by Sivamani’s drums and Ojas Adhiya’s tabla, and the four converge their craft for a heady finale! For almost 2:30 minutes, Journey of truth is Stephen Devassy’s show on acoustic […]

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