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Chil chinchilamai is delightfully vintage Vidyasagar… Raja’ish melody, layered with Vidyasagar’s own spritely orchestration. Benedict Shine delivers the Christian hymn-like Manamilla manamode with austerity, while Jithin handles Vidyasagar’s lively and fun short tune in Onpathilage anpathil really well! Chithra is at her best in Poovithalai njan where Vidyasagar beautifully mixes a retro’ish melody on top […]

Thennal nilavinte is good old Shaan-Vineeth magic, given how tuned-in the duo is, with each other’s musical sensibilities. The melody, with a gorgeous violin backdrop, is immersive, and superbly sung by Vineet and Aparna Balamurali. The parody’ish tone of Nakkile prakkukal is accentuated by Mano’s exaggerated style of singing and just about passes muster. Oronnoronnayi […]

There’s a whiff of yesteryears’ retro in Neelakkannulla maane that’s very inviting, sung incredibly by Vijay Yesudas and Shweta Mohan! Mele mukilodum and Sooraj’s lone contribution, Vaanam mele are odd mixes – the enthusiasm they put up in the tunes seem drowned in the unusually lackluster backgrounds. Shaan’s immersive tune rules as much as Hesham’s […]

Antony Dasan is perfect for the street-brass-band sound of Gabrielinte that even adds a clever dash of RD Burman! Athiraliyum wears its melodic retro like a badge of honor, even as Lathika struggles and lets Vijay Yesudas carry it. Sooraj Santhosh is excellent in handling the lovely soft-rock sound of Thaniye. Thira thira is catchy […]

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IDI (Music review), Malayalam – Rahul Raj

Jagada jagada is Malayalam film industry outdoing Tamil film music’s pet genre, the kuthu, with a manic rhythm and pulsating vocals! IDI theme is equally good, with funky rap phrases and an aptly hero-worshipping, Middle-eastern flavored tune. Ee khalbitha is trademark Rahul Raj – a melody that is instantly loveable, a harmonious chorus, incredible vocals […]

Sushin Shyam—of The Down Troddence fame and background music for films like Sapthamashree Thaskaraha and Lord Livingstone 7000 Kandi—composes his first song in Kisapaathiyil. He opens it to the serene sounds of rain, takes on Charukesi raaga for the oh-so-beautiful melody and ends it on a lingering serene note too. Sachin Balu’s vocals are pitch-perfect […]

There’s a brisk electronic sound in Ulakathin that is particularly alluring. Rahul, Arun Alat and Joju Sebastian sing it in a lively, upbeat mood, punctuated by Rahul’s joyous orchestration. Medapoompattum chutti is Najim Arshad’s spectacular show – he holds Rahul’s gorgeously mounted melody in complete control and breathes life into it. There are shades of […]

Govind Menon offsets Peethambaran Menon’s mildly strained vocals in the title song, a pleasant-enough song with lovely violin phrases. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi headlines Neeyo njano, an enthusiastic song that seems to be demanding its visuals to make it appealing. Preeti Pillai handles the hymn-like Poyi maranjo really well, with Prashant layering the strings admirably well as […]

Para para‘s haunting, distant and hymn-like prelude paves way to the mesmerizing para para hook that is as impactful as a new-age version of the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram, Aigiri Nandini. John Varkey’s orchestration is top-notch! His other song, Chingamaasathile has Anoop Mohandas breathing life into a retro-style melody, but set to a spanking new, ambient […]

Halli sreehalli offers something different for Chinmayi; a sensuous and raucously jolly tune that she sings confidently, superbly supported by Rahul. The nadaswaram underscore and Chinmayi’s vocalizations complete the package aptly. Rambo has Vijay Yesudas handling a cool 80s pop tune that features some funky Charlie’s Angels theme allusions, with a smattering of Ilayaraja’ish phrases […]

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