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News nodi offers a splashy opening to the soundtrack, with a fantastic jazz flavor and seamlessly changing pace mid-way. Vasuki Vaibhav carries the vocals wonderfully. He also competently handles the moody lullaby in Baduke baduka kalisu, with early-Rahman style minimal music, tastefully put-together. The title song, sung with total abandon by Sangeetha Katti, sees the […]

Jilka jilka is a stunning opener – with shades of Kanada, Brindavana Saranga and Kapi raagas, the melody comes beautifully alive in Indu Nagaraj’s lively vocals. Charan’s orchestration is resonant and the Jilka hook is an easy earworm. Charan tackles the calming and serene lullaby in Jogulave wonderfully, singing it with the required depth, and […]

Wednesday September 14, 2016 17:21

Jaguar (Music review), Kannada – SS Thaman

Get set go ready has an energetic sound, seemingly tweaked to showcase the best dancing moves of the debutant hero. Chandan Shetty’s vocals are spot-on. Priya priya and Mamaseetha are trademark Thaman materials – simple, almost droning melodies with repetitive phrases that, by the songs’ end, become earworms! Rahul Nambiar and Karthik handle these songs […]

Allah allah gets its Shivajinagar muslim lingo well and the tune is functionally catchy too. Anoop’s singing is competent, given the kind of song it is. Anoop sings the possibly coffee-themed (!) song, Latte latte that also includes calling the film’s leading lady Rasagulla, while the tune is simple and catchy. The title song is […]

Sapura kati starts off promisingly enough, with its Arabian-style rhythm, but devolves into something utterly familiar. Nanna pedde preethisu gains a lot from Samanvitha Sharma and the possible shades of Karaharapriya raaga, particularly in the anupallavi! The title song is as banal, generic and pointless as it can get. The soundtrack’s absolute best is Hogi […]

Perhaps owing to sentimental reasons, Arjun ropes in Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam to sing the same tune in Kanasalu and Gamanisu, respectively, like they sang Mungaru Male’s Araluthiru and Anisuthide, respectively (though Jayanth Kaikini wrote both versions in that film; he writes only the latter here, the former written by the film’s director Shashank)! […]

Dheerendra ropes in Joel Dubba for Mugilu matte matte, a spritely song that has owes its captivating backgrounds to Live Banned’s Fake You. Sowmya Subramanian joins Joel in the song’s edgier version, Teerada jotheyali. Dheerendra and his banned-mate Amrit Rao take turns composing Da Ra Bendre’s poem Yarigu Helunu Byada. Amrit’s version is minimal and […]

Wednesday July 13, 2016 19:43

Kotigobba-2 (Music review), Kannada – D.Imman

The title song is almost a Yuvan Shankar Raja song, with its pulsating rhythm and Middle Eastern sounds evoking Saroja’s Kodana Kodi. Saaluthillave is Imman continuing his time-honored tradition of offering one fantastic melody to Shreya Ghoshal – it works yet again, as always! Jithinraj leads the catchy Hunna hunna that comes alive with some […]

Ajaneesh’s singing continues to be patchy, but the man sure knows how to cook up a immensely likeable pop melody in Muddu pori. Interestingly, Nee nadhiyaagi flows seamlessly after Muddu pori, with a similarly pleasant melodic feel. Ajaneesh’s singing awkwardness is in full show again in the pensive, engaging tune of Nanna kanasina, though Chinmayi […]

Bolo iska naam is energetic, but beyond Chandan Shetty full-throated singing, it’s commonplace. Ishta ishta is street-smart and catchy, with a brisk rhythm. Kannalliye savira is a crafty melody, with a whiff of the retro, while Karthik and Shreya ace Maayavi kanase, a sweeping melody with lovely strings; the Unplugged version is a lovely listen […]

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