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Armaan’s vocals work perfectly with Amaal’s tune in the gorgeous Besabriyaan, reminiscent of Rahman’s Netru illaadha (Pudhiya Mugham). Jab tak too is Armaan and Amaal’s show, with a sweeping tune and orchestration combo that works effortlessly. The redux version adds a spunky new layer. Palak Muchhal is effortlessly good in Kaun tujhe, with lovely lines […]

Jeenay de mujhe, by Pakistani rocker Faiza Mujahid, literally screams women’s emancipation, in the Bryan Adams rock mode. The second Pakistani connection of the soundtrack is Qurat Ul Ain Balouch (or, QB) singing Shantanu Moitra’s poignant tune in Kaari kaari. The song’s rock turn mid-way and the veena-like interlude seem like questionable choices, however. Anupam […]

Lo maan liya has all the earnestness of a nursery rhyme. Raaz aankhein teri is no different – a mildly Latino-tinged, cloyingly predictable melody. It’s other version Hummein tummein is even more maudlin. The Sound of Raaz is based on the same tune too, frustratingly. Things get slightly better with the celtic whiff in Yaad […]

Thursday August 25, 2016 19:14

Banjo (Music review), Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar

Bappa, in Vishal’s energetic vocals, works perfectly as a masala-pop bhajan. Om Ganapataye namaha is more pop than bhajan, but the stadium’ish grandness of the sound is impressive. The pulsating festive sound carries in Rada too that Vishal, with his full-throated singing, holds confidently. Pee paa ke loses some steam relying on a catchy hook […]

Tuesday August 16, 2016 18:49

Akira (Music review), Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar

In Rajj rajj ke, while Sonakshi struggles hard, Nahid Afrin—the Indian Idol finalist from Assam—handles the angsty tune effortlessly in the other version. The remix evens out the angst to make an odd dance track. Purza is vintage Vishal-Shekhar! Breezy tune, brilliantly sung by Arijit, with a dash of Latino, and a surprising smattering of […]

The title song is a straight-to-the-point fun track that hammers Pag, Peg, Swag set amidst glitzy Punjabi coolth, with a cute outing by Tanishkaa. Ditto with Beat pe booty‘s catchy Punju-Hiphop. Sachin-Jigar aim high in Toota jo kabhi tara‘s sweeping melody and it works pretty well, in Atif Aslam and Sumedha Karmahe’s confident vocals. Atif […]

Kho gaye hum kahan, with its serene guitar backdrop and ethereal vocals by Jasleen Royal (also its composer) and Prateek Kuhad, is an incredibly calming listen. Jasleen’s other track, Nachde ne saare is the opposite – conventional Bollywoodized-Punjabi catchiness. Dariya has Arko going solo with competent faux-Punjabi melancholy. Sau asmaan is Amaal Mallik answering, ‘Sooraj […]

Happy oye survives its generic sound and tune solely because of Harshdeep Kaur and Shahid Mallya’s enthusiastic vocals. Gabru ready to mingle hai, led by Mika, is good enough fun given how it seems conceived from the hook-line onwards. Likewise, Zara si dosti seems to be have been built for Arijit’s singing style, and is […]

Friday July 15, 2016 20:13

Dishoom (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

In an interesting move, T-series has credited the originator of Sau tarah ke‘s hook line – Ashish Pandit, besides actual lyricist Kumaar! That’s pretty much the highlight of this overstuffed item number. Toh dishoom is no different – there is some energy in the rap-layered number featuring Raftaar and Shahid Mallya, but it really doesn’t […]

Arko’s Tere sang is gentle, and easily likeable. Plus, there’s Atif Aslam’s vocals too! The reprise, sung by Arko, pales in comparison. Raghav Sachar’s Rustom vahi (with 3 variants) sounds like poor-man’s Pancham. Ankit Tiwari goes through the motions in the mostly predictable Tay hai, but his other, Jab tum hote ho is a lovely […]

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