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Milliblog Weeklies, Week 75 – JUN02.2019

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Milliblog Weeklies – India’s only multilingual, weekly new music playlist.
Week 75: On JioSaavn | On YouTube
14 songs this week. YouTube has all of them, while JioSaavn is missing just one – the Odi Odi song by Masala Coffee. Have embedded it below, just in case.

Kudiye Ni – Aparshakti Khurana (Punjabi): A very pleasant, lilting Punjabi wedding-style number. Good to see the other Khurana (with only one ‘n’) shine in a domain his brother first did well in (singing/composing). The ‘Kudiye ni’ drawl reminded me, for some reason, of A.R.Rahman’s Swasame, from Tenali.

Odi Odi – Kimaya (Masala Coffee) – Tamil: A scintillating Tamil song from Masala Coffee’s upcoming album, Kimaya. The way the song builds up is superb, starting with the simple percussion and then layering in the guitar… leading to a pulsating, anthemic ending!

Usure – Sivappu Manjal Pachai (Siddhu Kumar) – Tamil: Siddhu continues the deliver on the promise with reasonably likeable songs. This one has an almost-soporific melody that is soft and serene. Accentuating that feel is Sudharshan Ashok’s singing.

Otha Parvayil & Orasatha Di – Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2 (V. Selvaganesh) – Tamil: I didn’t like the first single, Thiruvizha, but I am glad that the makers of the sequel, despite a different director, chose the same music composer! Also, there’s another song called ‘Kabadi Kabadi’, again sung by Shankar Mahadevan, that pales in comparison with the earlier song. Thankfully, Selvaganesh lives up to the first in at least 2 songs. Otha Parvayil, even though the pallavi seems simple enough, has a much more interesting anupallavi, excellently handled by Haricharan. Orasatha Di too is an effortless winner, with its pleasant melody… kinda like the equivalent of Lesa Parakkuthu.

Ganesha – Rajabheema (Simon.K.King) – Tamil: After an impressive Kolaigaran, Simon creates a really interesting mix here! He takes the tune of the Tamil folk tune of ‘Onnam Padi Eduthu’, made popular by Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan, and layers a Soul-style choir on top of it! The resultant combination is intriguingly interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. Brilliant singing by Chinnaponnu and Gowry Lekshmi.

Yaarovai – Angelina (D.Imman) – Tamil: 2 things lift the song to a new plane. One is Ashwin Sharma’s singing! He sounds like a thinner (voice-wise, not weight-wise) version of Shankar Mahadevan. And then the tune, that takes on beautifully with a haunting chorus (Ya-Ro-Vai). That’s brilliant creativity by Imman!

Aila Re – Malaal (Sanjay Leela Bhansali) – Hindi: Sanjay returns to his Tatad Tatad template to produce a dance-floor scorcher. Vishal Dadlani’s punchy singing helps too, even as the tune twist in the antara (going ‘re re re’) is a neat touch!

Arerey Manasa – Falaknuma Das (Vivek Sagar) – Telugu: Vivek gets Sid Sriram to sing (at least the pallavi) in a pitch much lower than his usual and the most-wanted singer does well. The song’s ‘Arere Manasa’ hook frees the tune from its lugubrious flow and makes it worthwhile!

Hey Yela (Sad Version) – Hippi (Nivas K Prasanna) – Telugu: Nivas originally scored this tune as an ebullient and frothy song. But, incredibly, the sad version easily tops that, thanks mainly to Chinmayi’s wonderfully affecting vocals.

Vagalaadi – Brochevarevaru Ra (Vivek Sagar) – Telugu: Vivek is clearly overindulging in his bluegrassy tunes. It holds steam in this song given how many zany turns it takes unexpectedly, thankfully.

Varshinchana – 7 (Chaitan Bharadwaj) – Telugu: Chaitan is going from strength to strength in this soundtrack! This one too, with its seductive start and that ‘Kadiley Kshanama’ hook soars with its the electronic sounds!

Aganaga – 18am Padi (A.H.Kaashif) – Malayalam: A R Rahman’s newphew, who debuted with the Tamil film Kaatrin Mozhi, has a highly listenable track that beautifully thrums with a steady rhythm and energetic tune. Haricharan, and the chorus (that offers the Aganaga hook) are both in great form.

Khali Khali – Amar (Arjun Janya) – Kannada: The film released 2 days ago and has been universally panned, including diplomatically blaming the director for the mess and not ‘handling’ the star song properly. And just before the release, they launch another song! Arjun’s music delivers, at least, if not the hero or the director. Khali Khali has a very nice, breezy rhythm and expectedly great vocals by Vijay Prakash.



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