Friday March 30, 2018

Milliblog Quarterlies – Q12018

Posted by Karthik

The first 3 months of 2018 are already over! So, this week, instead of Weeklies, I made Milliblog Quarterlies, a 7-playlist collection that is culled out from Weeklies from the start of 2018, across the 3 months. There are 7 playlists, one each for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Assorted Indian and Non-Indian. As usual, the playlists are on 3 platforms – Apple Music, Saavn and YouTube.


Hindi: Apple Music | Saavn | YouTube


Tamil: Apple Music | Saavn | YouTube


Telugu: Apple Music | Saavn | YouTube


Malayalam: Apple Music | Saavn | YouTube


Kannada: Apple Music | Saavn | YouTube

Assorted Indian

Assorted Indian (including Indipop, Marathi, Punjabi & Bengali): Apple Music | Saavn | YouTube


Non-Indian: Apple Music | Saavn | YouTube



  • RJ

    The Hindi YT list is private. Could you please make it public?

    • milliblog

      Apologies. Done.

      • Rahul Tyagi

        Karthik, one of the videos on the hindi YT list is now “deleted video”. Which one was it? possible to find it again and add it?

        • milliblog

          It was Aazaadiyaan from 3 Storeys. I avoided adding the official version before it was a 2.5 minute short version. Have added another version in the place of one that was deleted.

          • Rahul Tyagi


  • Sri Prabhuram

    Whoa! Weeklies, Monthlies, and now Quarterlies!

  • Sri Prabhuram

    Speaking of Monthlies, who will be the composer for April?

  • Rahul Tyagi

    Karthik, I do know compiling all these takes a lot of time and I am grateful that you take that time to introduce everyone to these songs. Still, do you think it might be possible for you to not discontinue album reviews altogether? Maybe just compile your comments for individual songs of an album into an album post? You could do this just for albums you’d have written 200 or 300 words for… Is it possible?

    • milliblog

      The trouble is, after 12 years of writing music reviews, I have lost interest in that format 🙂 It just doesn’t make sense for me personally anymore.

      • Pushkar Singh

        I think I’ll agree with Karthik. There has been a gradual dilution of the album culture anyways, especially in Bollywood. It makes sense for the Weeklies to be in the picture. Would probably suggest you though to restrict to Weeklies and probably a Year-long list. Monthlies/Quarterlies feel a little redundant.

      • Rahul Tyagi

        I’m so glad you seem to have changed your mind (with “Raazi”). As I said, even if you are able to find time to just do this for a few albums that stand out, it will be really helpful for those of use who still find it difficult to remember songs if they aren’t mentally clustered with other songs of the same album etc. Thanks!

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