Sunday December 3, 2017

Velaikkaran (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

Posted by Karthik

Between inviting the velaikkaran and inspiring him, the former—Vaa velaikkara—with its exotic sound and Shakthisree’s fantastic vocals, works effortlessly. The latter (Ezhu velaikkara) is a lot of grandstanding sound that is merely background’ish. Idhayane‘s melody tries to hit the highs of Anirudh and Neeti’s Naanum Rowdy Dhaan, but the tune, while being pleasant, is uneven and less interesting. The soundtrack’s easy highlights are Karuthavanlaam galeejaam, a blistering techno-kuthu that Anirudh sings with incredible panache, and Iraiva, where Anirudh—along with Jonita—delivers an occasionally melodic and occasionally vocal chord busting missive to God! Velaikkaran is Anirudh largely at his typical, dependable self.

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  • Sri Prabhuram

    I’m very disappointed with this soundtrack. Ever since I saw the tracklist, I initially was like “Is that it?”. Then I looked back to your #200 word review of You Too Brutus with had 5 songs (with the 5th one being about 2.5 mins long), so I did have some hope considering it was a similar format to that soundtrack and that I shouldn’t judge it based on how long it is. Unfortunately, this soundtrack is pretty much more of the same we come to expect from Anirudh, which makes it uncomfortably dull and monotonous. In fairness, I agree with your point that Karuthuvanlaam Galejaam and Iraiva were the two best songs of the soundtrack. But other than that, this soundtrack just didn’t meet my expectations.


    Now a days anirudh sing all songs in his album. Bro, lot of talented
    singers in Tamilnadu. Your repeated voice gives us the bad feeling of hearing same type of music only. Milliblog always give rating less than 2 for good songs and give best rating for worst song. Never give a good rating for a worst music, it will not help the music director to come out from his mistake.


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