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Sunday December 3, 2017 19:27

Velaikkaran (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

Between inviting the velaikkaran and inspiring him, the former—Vaa velaikkara—with its exotic sound and Shakthisree’s fantastic vocals, works effortlessly. The latter (Ezhu velaikkara) is a lot of grandstanding sound that is merely background’ish. Idhayane‘s melody tries to hit the highs of Anirudh and Neeti’s Naanum Rowdy Dhaan, but the tune, while being pleasant, is uneven […]

Sunday December 3, 2017 19:04

Sei (Music review), Tamil – Nyx Lopez

Hero hero is an energetic prop for the now-called Nakkhul’s dancing skills, complete with a kuthu interlude led by Chinnaponnu. Atif Ali’s terrible Tamil stands out awkwardly amidst the generic sufi sound of Iraiva. Nadiga nadiga is a pleasant melody that hits the right notes, including a fantastic Vidyasagar-style tabla-led phrase, while also sounding like […]

There’s a lot of grungy posturing and angry mantra chanting in the title song, and as a kuthu-laden package, it actually works! 1234 shille hodi goes whole hog on the kuthu sound and comes out pretty well too. Magariya has an easy vibe, like a Vijay Antony song on a good day. Vijay Prakash’s dependable […]

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