Sunday November 19, 2017

Fukrey Returns (Music review), Hindi – Assorted composers

Posted by Karthik

Prem & Hardeep’s O meri mehbooba remix is a terrible khichdi. Peh gaya khalara fits in Jasleen’s 2nd template (the 1st being the child-woman melody) – generic, highly rhythmic Punjabi folk. Sumeet Bellary scores well with Tu mera bhai and Bura na mano; adequately funky, with eclectic musical mix. Shaarib & Toshi’s soulful Punjabi ballad Ishq de fanniyar is significantly better in Jyotica Tangri’s female version than the male variant. Gulraj’s Fukrey Returns is the soundtrack’s weakest, while Shree D and ishQ Bector’s Raina is painfully, pointlessly maudlin. Aptly titled soundtrack that’s a far cry from Ram Sampat’s superior original.

Keywords: Fukrey Returns, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Prem & Hardeep, Jasleen Royal, Sumeet Bellary, Shaarib & Toshi, Gulraj Singh, Shree D & ishQ Bector

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  • rnjbond

    I don’t understand why the producers decided to replace Ram Sampath, who created a great soundtrack for the original, with a multi-composer, templatized soundtrack.

    O Meri Mehbooba? Another bad remix with rap and Neha Kakkar.

    Peh Gaya Khalara? How many times can Jasleen Royal remake Nachde Ne Saare?

    Even the return of Gulraj Singh was disappointing here…

  • rnjbond

    Also, any plans to review the Firangi soundtrack? It’s been a rather pleasant surprise!

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