Thursday November 2, 2017

2.0 (Music review), Tamil – A.R.Rahman

Posted by Karthik

There’s more sound-led glitz in Endhira logathu sundariye than a cohesive tune. Sid and Shashaa’s voices are digitally mauled, perhaps owing to the ‘robot’ theme, a musical cue that plagued Endhiran‘s soundtrack too. Madhan Karky’s enjoyably clever lyrics doff the hat to ‘computerized Rajini’ (KaNini Rajini nee!) and a 3-word phrase that fits his father’s famously controversial 3-word phrase’s meter – ‘Indiran thottathu mundhiriye’ from Raja Paarvai’s Andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu. Raajali, Rahman’s 2nd song featuring the bird (after Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada’s Rasaali) works well as an Arima arima follow-up, with a similar musical grandeur. A customary soundtrack, quality-wise and number-wise.

Keywords: 2.0, Endhiran, Endhira logathu sundariye, Raajali, A.R.Rahman, A R Rahman

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  • Sri Prabhuram

    First ever 100 word review of a soundtrack that has TWO songs!

    • milliblog

      That’s an interesting way to look at it πŸ™‚ The other way is that there are only 2 options inside of 100 – a NW1W or a 100; there has never been anything in between. This is surely not a NW1W. So… πŸ™‚

      • Sri Prabhuram

        I know. I just didn’t see any formal 100 word reviews of other soundtracks that had just two songs. Despite that you included them in your monthly top recent listens.

      • Rahul Tyagi

        wait… do you mean to say that this is the entire album? are you sure? I assumed that they have just released 2 songs (given the movie is 2.0 and all) initially and will release the others later, as is the unfortunate custom nowadays for any big release. The movie releases in January, no? lots of time for the full album to release..

      • ashok

        This album is very mediocre by ARR standards. I wonder what made him take up this project. Speaking of NW1W, don’t see many reviews from you in that category. I am a long time fan of yours and read each of your review before listening to the album. You have my gratitude for discovering great non-Hindi music. So with that, I believe I am entitled to some mild critique :). In general, it seems you have become very generous in your reviews over the years, even finding something redeeming in seemingly average songs. I do not think that the overall music quality has improved. I know, I know, it is your personal view…feel free to disagree.etc….but when there is a profusion of mediocre music, and you are our go to expert for filtering good music from bad, we would like you to be more discriminating. πŸ™‚

  • Bharat K.V.

    Thought you’ll wait for the 3rd track to release πŸ™‚ Loved the songs personally. Typical Shankar ARR stuff… Hope these look awesome on screen πŸ™‚

  • Dhananjay Jagannathan

    Endhira Logathu song is better in Hindi.. Rajaali evokes Arima Arima in a good way. I personally cannot wait for that interlude coming out as background score. It is orchestral right?? French horn??.. One more song left.. kinda satisfied.. I needed more songs (at least in the album)

  • K.2

    Pretty good, but the only downside is the poor sound quality. Sounds messy/noisy.

  • Ram

    Pathetic album…just plain bad compositions…poor mixing…cacophony of sounds…didn’t expect this sh!t from Rahman

  • Sundarhari

    The beats that follow “Sundakka size sooranda” appears to be a throwback to MSV’s “Unakkenna mele nindraai oh Nandalala”. Just the opening beats. Anyway, the songs are standard ARR fare. I would have thought he would belt out some chart-busting rhythms for this 450 C Shankar movie. But only three songs. Very underwhelming.

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