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Solo (Music review), Malayalam/Tamil – Assorted Composers

Posted by Karthik

World of Shiva
Masala Coffee’s interpretation of Aalayal thara venam remains consistently enjoyable, with that lovely Anandhabhairavi-raaga base, Krishnaraj’s scintillating violin, and Sooraj Santhosh and Varun Sunil’s vocals. The reprise is highly interesting as well, stripping the energy of the original, but letting the melody’s inherent beauty come to fore. Aigiri Nandini gets a searing heavy metal interpretation by Thaikkudam Bridge, with an intriguing phrase straight from MS Viswanathan’s Engeyum eppodhum interlude! Govind Menon also expertly adapts Ragini Bhagwat’s Basant-raaga based Shiva Tandav. Saylee Talwalkar handles the singing part admirably, set to pulsating fusion-rock.

World of Shekhar
Abhinav Bansal’s Kandu nee has a breezy ballad vibe, with the melody shining impeccably in Vijay Yesudas’ vocals. Singa kutty is appropriately sub-titled ‘Bring On The Chaos’, given how Tamil percussion, Nadaswaram and Madurai Chinna Ponnu’s exuberant folk outburst uncomfortably coexists with Sez On The Beat’s (Sajeel Kapoor) other elements. Agam revisit their Boat Song, from their debut album, as Oru vaanchi paattu – pulsating progressive-rock-meets-Thonipaattu. Agam score spectacularly in Thaalolam, roping in Shashaa Tirupati for a serene melody that segues off beautifully from Oru vaanchi paattu, ending on that sonorous Thithithara thithithai note!

World of Rudra
Roshomon is eclectic! Prashant Pillai produces a heady and addictive song that dives straight into its lively tune that skirts around a Central Asian sound wonderfully. The Filter Coffee produce a formidable encore with their brand of scintillating ethnotronic, picking up the Jog-raaga Sajan more ghar aaye! Jahnvi Shrimankar’s singing is top notch and the duo adorns it lovingly with Govind Menon’s violin! Sooraj Kurup’s Sita Kalyanam rounds off the set on a high. It layers the traditional Sita Kalayanam on an ambient fusion sound featuring vocals by Renuka Arun and Sooraj.

World of Trilok
Separation, with music by Govind Menon takes Ashita Ajit’s dreamy voice accentuates the mild pathos in its hauntingly beautiful melody, along with that solo violin. The Reprise of Sajan More (Unchained) that strips the original (from World of Rudra) of its effervescent rhythm and konnakol and adds Aditya Rao and Filter Coffee’s Shriram Sampath join Jahnvi Shrimankar in the decidedly more minimal and ambient version. The other track that gets a similar treatment is Shiva Omkara, a variant of Shiva Tandav (from the World of Shiva), with Bindu Nambiar’s ethereal voice reverberating Basant-raaga beautifully in the spartan backdrop. The rest is completely Gaurav Godkhindi’s show! The instrumental piece The Cyclist Theme has that undercurrent of pathos too. Karaiyaadhe/You is a pleasant rock ballad evoking a classic Bryan Adams sound, sung very well by Sidharth Basrur. The use of the ‘karaiyaadhe’ seems interesting since it could mean ‘Do not cry’ in Malayalam, while meaning ‘Do not melt’ in Tamil πŸ™‚

Bejoy Nambiar’s diverse and vibrant army of composers deliver a phenomenal soundtrack yet again!

Keywords: Prashant Pillai, Thaikkudam Bridge, Govind Menon, Masala Coffee, Agam, Filter Coffee, Abhinav Bhansal, Sooraj S. Kurup, Sez On The Beat, Sajeel Kapoor, Ragini Bhagwat, Gaurav Godkhindi 300, #300

PS: Please don’t ask me if this is the very first 400+ word review on Milliblog πŸ™‚ Intent-wise, this is a 300 worder, and if Bejoy keeps increasing the number of songs like this, I’ll gladly lose track of words.

Listen to the songs on Saavn:

Listen to the songs on YouTube:
World of Shekhar – Malayalam Jukebox

World of Shekhar – Tamil Jukebox

World of Rudra – Jukebox

World of Shiva – Jukebox

World of Trilok – Jukebox.



  • rnjbond

    This sounds like an incredibly ambitious movie and an equally ambitious soundtrack. I’m a little disappointed there’s no World of Trilok album (yet), because that would really round this out, but even with this, it’s almost like having three distinct soundtracks, because the feeling of each chapter could stand on its own.

    • Alex R

      there are 5 more songs in saavn, maybe this is from world of trilok

  • Alex R

    Looking at Saavn, there are 5 more songs as well as a remix of sajan more, so they definitely updated it

    • milliblog

      Wasn’t added till evening today πŸ™‚ Awaiting composing credits before I can add a note on them.

  • Sri Prabhuram

    #300 word counter (of 2017 so far)
    Hindi: 1
    Tamil: 2
    Malayalam: 1

    #200 word counter (of 2017 so far)
    Hindi: 7
    Tamil: 3
    Telugu: 4
    Malayalam: 2
    Kannada: 3

  • harish ram

    Correct me if am wrong, the interlude similar to ‘engeyum epodum’ you are talking about in ‘Aigiri Nandini’ is actually ‘thalai aadu paambe’ tune right?

    • milliblog

      Mostly, yes. But I do think there’s a mild difference between the two and the one in Solo is a replica of the variant by MSV.

      • Sundarhari

        There certainly is. It is like exploiting a basic mathematical technique in the proof of a sophisticated theorem.

    • Sundarhari

      It is, if you want to be uncharitable to master MSV’s creativity. It is like saying Sambo siva sambo siva sambo is actually Mehabooba mehabooba. You are undermining the master. Are you a die-hard Ilayaraja fan?

      • harish ram

        No. Shankar Ganesh

        • Sundarhari

          Naan paadum paadal, Nalamaaga vendum …
          An immortal number by the duo.

  • kevin


    Singer – Ashita Ajit

    Violin – Govind

    Flute – Rajesh Cherthala

    Mixed And Mastered By – Govind

    Produced By – Govind

    • milliblog

      Thank you – updated.

  • Vishnu

    Sita Kalyanam is heavenly..

    To me, this is the best song, in a very diverse sound track..

  • Alex R

    The film wont hit the mass audiences, but no one can say that the music and Bgm is nothing short of amazing. All the songs fitted extraordinary well with the story, Sita Kalyanam, separation and Aigiri Nandhini among the highlights.

    P.S. I now have Maanguyile Poonguyile from Karakattakaran on repeat as well due to the way it was used in the film.

  • Noufal

    What an album…. How bejoy nambiar gets such great soundtracks for what are at best half decent movies that too from such an array of composers is incredible…. Long may it continue…. This is one of those albums in which you have many favourites that it’s hard to pick one but sita kalyanam will be mine…. Album of the year for me…..cheers

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