Tuesday September 19, 2017

Judwaa 2 (Music review), Hindi – Sandeep Shirodkar, Anu Malik, Sajid-Wajid, Meet Bros

Posted by Karthik

Sandeep Shirodkar does a pretty good job in improvising the catchy sadak-chaap’ness of Anu Malik’s original in Chalti hai kya featuring Dev Negi and Neha Kakkar. In Oonchi hai building 2.0, Sandeep gets Anu himself to sing it again, in a confidently spruced up package, and Anu gains a new accent for words like ‘razawmand’. Sajid Wajid’s Suno Ganpati Bappa has Amit Mishra praying to a bachelor-God about girlfriend problems in a glitzy Latino bhajan. Meet Bros’ Aa to sahii is the soundtrack’s best, upgrading a Laung gawacha’ish Punjabi tune to glitzy and catchy new high. Typical David Dhawan’ish masala.

Keywords: Judwaa 2, Sandeep Shirodkar, Anu Malik, Sajid-Wajid, Meet Bros

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  • Subodh

    Wtf!! Bollywood music is at such a nadir that we are now remixing B-grade trash of 90’s. Why is there no outrage over the fact that every movie is dependent on covers or remixes of old hits instead of original melodies? As a leading reviewer, shouldn’t you speak out against this trend?

    • milliblog

      The counter to that could be that on an average, there are more originals per soundtrack with only one or two remixes of older songs. It’s perhaps the consistency with which remixes appear these days, soundtrack after soundtrack, is what make them a ‘trend’ that every other producer and composer is emulating. Even that, I wouldn’t really call it bad – if the remixes are good, per se, there shouldn’t be an issue. But good or bad is a subjective debate.

      Also, I’m not against remixes as a blanket dislike or something. I did like Tanishk’s Tamma tamma remix, though I didn’t like his Humma humma one. It is contextual t each remix, but in general, I haven’t found a lot of remixes I like.

      • Subodh

        If producers had faith in originals they wouldn’t insist on having remixed old songs. You can’t really blame them as remixed songs get maximum attention while originals (in albums where there are remixes) fail to even get noticed.

        Even a completely original album like AR Rehman’s ‘Mom’ was quickly forgotten even though it has some lovely tracks while the biggest hit of this year appears to be a decades old Nusrat Fateh Ali song.

        I too have nothing against remixes or covers. In fact, we need more covers of golden hits of 50’s or 60’s. Sanam Puri has done few covers quite nicely but Bollywood is just ruining most of old songs by adding rap, using singers that don’t have matching voice quality and by making them more noisy.

        Let rock bands and upcoming singers do covers of old songs. Since Bollywood hires top composers of the country, it should stick to creating original music the way it has been for seven decades.

        Either the composers are failing in creating engaging original music or the audience are failing by their inability to appreciate original music. I’m more inclined to believe the former as I can’t remember most original songs from Kaabil, Dear Zindagi, Badrinath ki Dulhaniya etc.

    • rnjbond

      I agree. Some remakes (Soch Na Sake, Kala Chashma, Tamma Tamma) are good, most are pretty bad (Humma).

  • rnjbond

    I’m surprised this soundtrack has only four songs… I like Aa Bhi Ja, but I can’t shake the feeling I’ve heard the tune before and given Meet Bros’ track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a stolen tune. (And what a missed opportunity on this album to update East Or West, India Is the Best with modern references)

    Also, I’m getting rather tired of Neha Kakkar. I know T-Series has some deal with her or something, but her voice can be rather jarring.

    • Somadri Chatterjee

      Not a fan of Meet Bros. To me their tune just works…. But out of curiosity, any instances of their plagiarism record? If you’re referring to the Balochi tunes, I think it’s the other way round. The same Balochi group used their Baby Doll and also Afghan Jalebi too. Any other instance?

      • rnjbond

        First example that comes to mind is Nachange Saari Raat from Junooniyat. Go on YouTube, ZERO credit given to Stereo Nation or Taz.

        I agree, those Balochi tunes are absolutely covers of the original songs (it’s silly that anyone would get up in arms on that).

    • Janasheen

      See the bright side. They are not forcing Tulsi Kumar, who is family of T-Series. Neha is still better off than her.

      • rnjbond

        True! Although T-Series recently did the T-Series mixtape series and we got forced to hear Tulsi Kumar ruin two mashups that were otherwise very good

  • Janasheen

    Isn’t Lord Ganesha married to Ridhhi and Siddhi…so is he really a bachelor God?

    • milliblog

      Depends on where in India one is from. See ‘Family and consorts’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganesha

      • Janasheen

        Oh ok. Thanks for the info. Wasn’t aware of different statuses of His marriage.

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