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Jab Harry Met Sejal (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Posted by Karthik

From Shahid Mallya’s earthy opening to Sunidhi’s punchy hook, Radha comes beautifully alive with even that fantastic EDM line in the middle! In Beech beech mein, Pritam cooks up superb retro-funk, with a touch of jazz, while Arijit literally showboats the rendition with his falsetto. In Phurr, Diplo, Tushar Joshi and Mohit Chauhan join to deliver Pritam’s EDM mix that is as intriguing as it is bewildering! Safar has a highly engaging Clapton’esque guitar base that accentuates Arijit’s singing significantly as he sings about Imtiaz’s favorite subject – journey!

Hawayein is vintage Pritam! Arijit rules over this song as Pritam concocts a gently lilting tune. Pritam strips off the backgrounds in the film version to expose the melody better. Parinda is a scorching Punjabi rock mix that only Pritam could have conjured! Pardeep Sran swings through the song rendition incredibly, ably supported by splendid guitaring! The song’s other version has Tochi Raina in a labored form, though. Ghar seems like a fantastic tribute to Pancham, with Nikhita Gandhi breathing life into a melody that starts off like an antara, much like Pancham’s imagination! Mohit joins in later and makes it all the more Pancham-like!

Butterfly is the soundtrack’s weakest, with a generic Yash Raj-Punjabi sound. Raula does the trick in a similar genre; less Yash Raj and more heady Punjab, thanks to Diljit Dosanjh and Neeti Mohan. Nooran Sisters get a much better track in Jee ve sohaneya! They touch a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan high in the soulful sufi melody. That tinge of Latino in Yaadon mein, and Mohammed Irfan and Portuguese singer Cuca Roseta’s searing vocals help the otherwise maudlin song. Close on the heels of the magnificent Jagga Jasoos, Pritam ups the ante in Jab Harry Met Sejal, in what seems to be his best year yet!

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PS: We music lovers could do without the demonetization-level last minute secrecy over the release of a simple ‘complete’ soundtrack, and the misdirections of multiple, pointless remixes masquerading as being part of the soundtrack. This staggered, deceptive release of songs of ‘one’ film seems like a massive insult to the effort a composer has put in to assemble it since the initial, much-promoted songs get all the limelight and some of the best songs (like Parinda and Ghar here) are dependent on the film’s success to be heard and appreciated. If Pritam can walk out of Raabta for turning it into a multi-composer soundtrack without his permission, I hope he can at least let Shah Rukh Khan and Sony Music know how shabbily they have treated this incredible soundtrack (and Jagga Jasoos + T-series, of course).

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  • pappu92
  • rnjbond

    Great soundtrack! As has been mentioned, there are a number of other tracks on the soundtrack, which sound more like background tracks to me.

    Which is something to be applauded, honestly. I wish more movies would release the background and situational tracks.

  • Huzefa Jairajpuri

    @milliblog- Ghar seems to be an extended version of saanware( phantom).i think pritam is making this sound as his signature like AR and Amit trivedi.

  • rnjbond

    Yes! I love this updated review and appreciate your rant, which I’m in full agreement with, especially given this case and Jagga Jasoos (which, incidentally, are two of my favorite soundtracks of the year). It’s funny that the non-promoted songs actually make me more excited to watch the movie. Just imagining the track Raula in the background in either Europe or as an intro to the pindh works perfectly.

    Also, totally agree that Imtiaz Ali movies tend to have great songs about travel… doubly so when they’re Imtiaz Ali movies starring Ranbir Kapoor (Safarnama from Tamasha, Phir Se Udd Chala from Rockstar).

    I know this soundtrack will be on repeat even if the movie turns out to be a dud.

  • Manjunath Rajagopalachary

    Hi Karthik, I think the sound track of Harry Met Sejal is a bit over rated from you….

  • Sathyajit Krishnan

    Fantastic Soundtrack. Pritam has definitely “redeemed” his image in the last few months with fabulous soundtracks.

    • rnjbond

      Agree, he’s definitely been on a roll… his last few soundtracks have been Dangal (which was an excellent soundtrack), Tubelight (which was good), Jagga Jasoos (which was absolutely fantastic), and now JHMS, which I honestly believe is Pritam’s best since at least Barfi and maybe even his best since Life In A Metro.

      Which is why it’s such a damn shame that the movie is terrible and wasted a soundtrack AND that the full soundtrack wasn’t released until the last minute. I’ve seen plenty of complaints online, saying the soundtrack wasn’t good and I think that’s because people didn’t hear the full soundtrack, thus missing songs like Parinda, Ghar, Raula, Jee Ve Soniya, etc.

  • Alex R

    Great Album, Hawayein really stuck out for me for some reason. The only problem I have is that in the trailer for the film, there was a song towards the end that i was really looking forward to, yet it doesn’t appear on the album at all, instead being reworked into the end of butterfly. Such a shame, cause I feel like that would have been an amazing song if it had been worked into a full song.

  • Noufal

    First off all shame such a good album has been treated so shoddily…. Coming to the songs, I am not the biggest fan of the punjabi sound barring maybe Amit’s work in udta,so the songs with the heavy punjabi tilt didn’t work for me…. But the rest of it was awesome….after a long time thought arjit’s voice actually accentuated the quality of the song…. Not sure if it’s a 300 for me but undoubtedly one of pritam’s best….

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