Wednesday June 28, 2017

Chandamama Raave (Music review), Telugu – Shravan

Posted by Karthik

There’s that oft-repeated Mickey J Meyer sound in Ye vaipu choostunna‘s flow! Sai Charan is fantastic with his singing and that Tamil ‘Paarukkulle nalla naadu’ phrase is a big surprise, along with the lovely celtic-style ending! Kaalam nippulaa has shades of Mickey too, particularly the world music’ish sounds, and Shravan sings this one darn well, besides infusing it with some brilliant guitar. Baanisa sees Shravan add a “U” to every word and the throbbing sound is very catchy, like the wordless trance version. After a misleading Middle Eastern’ish prelude Eppudu modalaindo proves itself to a fantastic melody! Vedala Hemachandra is delightfully adept with the vocals. In Party Just Started, Shravan’s sound is sedate and very catchy, helping Lalitha Kavya and Sai Krishna create an ambient mood! Shravan goes wonderfully inventive in the soundtrack’s best, Praayam inthera with a superbly zany mix of semi-classical, kuthu and some lounge’ish trance! Lalitha Kavya’s rendition lifts it all up mighty impressively. The two short pieces, Santho’s Trauma and Paasugula are really eclectic, particularly the latter, with its fusion-folk sound that Shravan sings with a crazy edge! Shravan has been producing consistently good music in Telugu. In Chandamama Raave, he goes to the next level!

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