Monday April 10, 2017

Begum Jaan (Music review), Hindi – Anu Malik

Posted by Karthik

Asha Bhonsle adds gravitas to the ghazal’ish Prem mein tohre, but age-related strains are evident in her vocals. But compared to Kavita Seth’s oddly detached rendition, Asha’s version seems more nuanced and soulful. Anu Malik handles the music well, particularly the strings in the background. Rahat and Sonu go through the motions in Aazaadiyan, with Anu rehashing his stock tunes and backgrounds for the nth time, while O re kaharo‘s generic quasi-Middle Eastern sound is painfully outdated. Holi khelein seems more like Anu needed a song to challenge his talent show contestants. Begum Jaan is from another era, music included.

PS: The bonus song, Woh subah, has Anu elegantly modernizing Khayyam’s pensive melody, though Arijit and Shreya sound too clinical when compared to Mukesh and Asha Bhosle’s original vocals. But Arijit does score well in the other bonus song—the soundtrack’s best—Murshida, aided generously by vintage Anu Malik-style tune, bringing back memories of Refugee.

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  • 1 hindu

    I don’t understand how a well known copycat Anu Malik is still getting work, mayb due to some kind of jugaad, lol

  • 1 hindu

    Funny review, sometyms such reviews of movies/music albums r better & more entertaining than themselves

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Prem mein tohre seems lifted. Have a look at this link.
    Holi Khelein is catchy and listenable (don’t understand your comment about this song to challenge the talent show contestants though. Is that good or bad?). Agree with your comments on O re kaharo.

    • 1 hindu

      No surprize Anu Malik is a well-known copycat, lol

  • Jaydeep

    Murshida, Prem me tohre & Woh Subah are really good. To give credit for the effort, sound in this particular outing is far better than dum laga ke haisha. Even songs that don’t work have a neat sound.

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