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Sean Roldan is an interestingly different choice to lead Yembuttu irukkuthu aasai, though, along with Kalyani Nair, he infuses life into the otherwise standard-issue filmy retro melody. Marhaba aavona overdoes the same faux-retro, fully-filmy tone, though Shreya’s singing elevates it significantly. Semma joru is lot of fun – simple, catchy and infectious vocals by Vishal. […]

Despite Mukesh’s enthusiastic signing and the ebullient percussion, Uchimalai is perfunctory. But in Ilaratham soodera, Yuvan shows how to do even the perfunctory in a convincing manner! Otha paarvayil starts with a haunting prelude but goes downhill as soon as Yuvan starts to indulge in something akin to singing. Even Srimathumitha seems out of sorts. […]

Wednesday March 29, 2017 19:10

Sathya (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

As soon as the first interludes led by the strings start in Chinthicho nee, you know you are in a Gopi Sundar song! Gopi makes fantastic use of Vaikom Vijayalakshmi’s versatility, particularly in the anupallavi, given the lovely semi-classical lilt most probably alluding to Kharaharapriya raaga! Kaattingathi vegam, sung by Sri Sankar, however, seems like […]

Monday March 27, 2017 15:17

Veera (Music review), Tamil – Leon James

Ootaanda soltuvaa is a fun, pulse-pounding mix, layering thara local lyrics and kuthu rhythm on top of a significantly more upmarket, funky package. A similar raucous mix in Mama mama and Nijaaru usaaru don’t work as well as Ootaanda, though. The choice of Sid Sriram and Neeti Mohan works wonders in Verrattaama verratturiye—an ear-worm of […]

Saahore Baahubali‘s jaunty rhythm keeps it in great stead! Daler Mehndi and Mounima, along with Keeravani himself lead it in style, while the chorus is brilliant. Hamsa naava has a lovely thrumming lilt that is almost hypnotic! The chorus is wonderful yet again, along with Sony and Deepu’s pitch-perfect singing. Dandaalayyaa‘s sweeping sound seems crafted […]

Uff yeh Noor has an Amit Trivedi vibe! Undeniably bouncy, really well sung by Armaan Mallik and a vibrant set of instruments by Amaal, particularly the brass part. Gulabi 2.0 (and the Redux) are adequately pulsating enough to make R.D.Bur…n the dance-floor. Jise kehte pyaar hai bubbles with a lovely 90s pop lilt and a […]

Ethetho‘s oh-so-gentle melody makes it a great listen, particularly in Vaisakh C Madhav’s vocals (as also Anju Joseph’s female version) where he sings as if the tune is brittle, amidst a beautiful flute phrase! Vaadaathe sounds like Shaan Rahman’s material! Good vocal harmony, barring that rap part. Vineeth Srinivasan is hilarious in singing his sorry […]

Wednesday March 22, 2017 18:03

Raaga (Music review), Kannada – Arjun Janya

South Indian film music’s current North Indian darling, Armaan Malik earns his standing singing Aalisu baa exceptionally well. His singing perfectly syncs with the song’s three layers, the other two being a slightly retro-reminiscent percussion and a brilliant layer of strings. Belakendare ups the ante significantly! In what seems like Hamsanadham raaga (Bantureethi kolu!), Arjun […]

Karuppadu throbs with inventive corniness, with a dash of Santhosh Narayanan! Arunraja and Dhibu’s singign augments the hilarious tone. Pradeep Kumar is perfect for Nee kavithaigala, a Sean Roldan’ish melody that is oh-so-gentle. Dhibu builds the song beautifully into a rock ballad of sorts. Sharanya Gopinath’s diva-style singing carries the Bond Theme style Aasai. The […]

Mira mira mixes swanky guitar and a dash of Wild West in what is essentially a catchy kuthu. Laage laage is no different; that violin phrase is such a lovely touch to the captivating sound. Dhanunjay’s earthy vocals and the pulsating folk rhythm aids Jivvu jivvu, while his other song, Yelo yedarilo is the soundtrack’s […]

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