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I Love You and the title song have nice enough tunes, but the lyrical drought—nothing but those words alone!—in both are adequately off-putting. Yemaindho yemo gani plays like a rough-around-the-edges Mickey J Meyer number; Suchith Suresan’s vocals hold the gentle melody well. Thelupana‘s guitar’y goodness helps accentuate the melody as well, while Pranam poye badha […]

Kuyile and Kanavugal aayiram are so very Vidyasagar! Not to take credit away from Afzal, both melodies are wonderfully involving, with Haricharan-Shwetha Mohan and Najeem Arshad-Latha Krishna handling it brilliantly, respectively. Afzal ups the ante in Vinnulaka devathai, showcasing fantastic orchestration with superb folk percussion in the interludes and letting Najeem Arshad ace the immersive […]

Sunday February 26, 2017 16:26

Winner (Music review), Telugu – SS Thaman

Yazin Nizar and Sanjana seem to be struggling to sing the otherwise-catchy Sitara! Pichonne aipoya has that Thaman signature – busily layered music with generously digitized vocals! Suyaa too is Thaman-style techno kuthu that has stopped sounding interesting anymore, though Suma Kanakala tries her best to infuse life into it. Bhajarangabali‘s booming sound is offset […]

Aritharam poosi sounds interesting as long as it traverses the blues’y piano, but outside of it, the rest of the fusion sounds clumsy at best. Aagaayam is Sid Sriram’s show all the way! The singer is completely in control of the dreamy ballad. But composer Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy’s best is Pudavai nilave! He ropes in Dhanush […]

Let’s Go Party and Yaar ivano sound woefully dated, including lyrics that allude to AB Positive and Android in the former, as if cementing that dated’ness. Sokki poraandi is no different, evoking Rahman’s brief faux-village music phase, but GVP has a lovely melody that plays interestingly with the percussion. Kannodu kannodu is fantastic! Sathya Prakash […]

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