Monday February 13, 2017

Kavan (Music review), Tamil – Hiphop Tamizha

Posted by Karthik

The pulse-pounding Happy New Year sounds like something composed after a night of drunk revelry. Oxygen harks back to Harris-Anand combo! Excellent melody, with intriguing instrumental choices. Mathurangalaam‘s jazz base is interesting, but the mocking-twang makes it odd, sans visuals.
Theeraadha vilayaattu pillai!
Option A, for Bharathiyaar: “I prefer Parthasarathy Temple’s elephant to this!”
Option B: “I’ve always been progressive! This pulsating, genre-bending approach—ending on a lovely folk lilt—is a massively interesting experience!”
Boomerang is typical of the composers, riding on one hook and a repetitive instrumental phrase. K.V.Anand maintains his Harris Jayaraj’esque ratio of good songs with Hiphop Tamizha.

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  • Aadhy

    This dude is massively overrated. No two ways about his pathetic, pathetic nasal, out-of-pitch singing. Theeratha vilayattu pillai was a total mess IMO. The switch from rock to classical was not organic, but the female singer saved it quite a bit. And I might have just committed blasphemy by calling it rock, all it was was a droning recursive chord progression. The only interesting song I felt was rock and roll-ish Mathurangalam, until they autotuned the shit outta the lead singer. I mean why put on the genre-bending, experimental, ‘I’m an indie artist’ facade when you’re just going all out in autotuning yourself and your singers.

  • ZRtD

    HJ will actually be missed! Apart from Oxygen & TVP the album is a mess. Maybe this is what KV Anand wanted.

  • Sathya

    I liked 4 out of the 5 songs. 80% is pretty good. HHT is good in making music that suits a particular film or its specific set of characters. This album appears to be tailored for this particular film. For e.g. You can’t take Siddharth Abhimanyu character type music and apply it to TR or you can’t take Vijay sethupathi style music and apply it to Ramcharan (Dhruva) and so on..

  • Noufal

    The album didn’t work for me except for the folk bit in the fusion song and I have to say when they get it right it’s awesome as with the indru netru nalai songs…. Edited out that bit alone and it’s quite a treat…. But yes the guy has to stop singing, it’s getting irritating….

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