Tuesday January 24, 2017

Raees (Music review), Kalyanji-Anandji, Ram Sampath and JAM8

Posted by Karthik

The original Laila from Qurbani, by Kalyanji-Anandji is so compelling a dance track that it’s no surprise the recreation works seamlessly too. Ram’s imagination, particularly Ed Gibson’s amped up trumpets, work brilliantly, as does Pawni Pandey’s spirited vocals. Udi udi jaye is straight out of Ram’s Coke Studio (MTV, Season 3) repertoire, given the heady fusion and the lovely folk’ish rhythm. Sukhwinder Singh and Bhoomi Trivedi lead the vocals fabulously! Ram loads in the attitude in Enu naam che Raees, with a stylish, world-music’ish sound on top of the Gujarati-Hindi lyrics. He sings it himself too, with excellent support from Tarannum Malik. Ram closes his innings with the highly infectious and enthusiastic celebratory number Ghammar. It’s uptempo, very Gujarati and brilliantly sung by Roshan Rathod. Zaalima, by Pritam’s new A&R outfit JAM8, is very-Pritam and very pleasant! Arijit and Harshdeep are pitch-perfect in handling the rendition, and the lilting rhythm makes it instantly likeable. Mika-sung Dhingana, credited to Aheer of JAM8, despite the bravado and Mumbaiya sound, is run-of-the-mill, while Aheer’s other song Saanson ke too is less interesting, mirroring Pritam’s recent, similar songs like Dilwale’s Janam janam. Ram Sampath does the heavy-lifting in Raees, with limited help from JAM8.

Keywords: Raees, Kalyanji-Anandji, Ram Sampath, Aheer, JAM8, Pritam, 200, #200

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  • rnjbond

    Really like this soundtrack and agree that, outside of Zaalima, Ram Sampath’s tracks definitely outperform.

    Slight soapbox deviation — why in the world is this soundtrack only being released two days before the movie? That doesn’t seem like a smart move on Zee’s part…

    • milliblog

      Don’t get me started on that man! I cribbed a lot about this for ADHM only (Sony) and looks like Zee is catching on to this trend. My hypothesis is that soundtracks (full albums) do not matter to 99% of the audience (the 1% includes music reviewers, you and me) – what matters to them is individual songs that are released week after week, to build anticipation. So, bottomline – audio labels couldn’t care less.

      • rnjbond

        I hate to beat a dead horse here, but it gets worse with Raees… Ram Sampath composed another song called Halka Halka that for whatever reason wasn’t on the soundtrack or in the movie. And then Zee releases is more than a week after the movie releases. No idea why…


  • Prakash Khanchandani

    Zaalima song in the ‘Album’ is bit different version from the previously released ‘Single’ version.

    • rnjbond

      It does sound a bit different… not sure what exactly it is.

      Maybe it’s like Dilwale where there were multiple versions of songs spread around (Tukur Tukur and Manma Emotion Jaage)

  • Rakesh Kumar


    This is the original of Laila from where KA copied.

  • rnjbond

    Even though the movie was a disappointment (still good, but should have been better), I like the soundtrack even more after watching the movie. Dhingana, for instance, I didn’t care for, but after watching the movie, it definitely gives me a nostalgic feel for the 80s era films.

    It’s also interesting that the songs I like the most (Ennu Naam Che Raaes, Udi Udi Ja, and Ghammar) were written off in most Raees music reviews as “situational” or “regional”. Yet another reason I keep coming back to milliblog!

    • milliblog

      Those 3 are my favorite songs from the album 🙂

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