Tuesday January 17, 2017

Hebbuli (Music review), Kannada – Arjun Janya

Posted by Karthik

Hulli hulli, presumably the hero-intro song is, unlike current trend, not a kuthu number, but is hard rock! Siddharth Basrur’s grungy vocals and the pulsating sound make it work. Hebbuli theme too is on similar lines; powerful, guitar-booming sound. Vijay Prakash is at his usual best singing the easy-on-the-ears semi-classical Sundari. Usire is usual Arjun Janya material, made more interesting by the funky orchestration. Devare, the soundtrack’s best, is an incredibly immersive that Armaan Mallik sings brilliantly! Yennenu soda is good fun; tipsy reggae with mighty enthusiastic vocals by Rajesh Krishnan and Vijay Prakash. Good mass’y music by Arjun Janya.

Keywords: Hebbuli, Arjun Janya

Listen to the songs on Saavn:
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