Saturday November 26, 2016

Ore Mukham (Music review), Malayalam – Bijibal

Posted by Karthik

Madhu Balakrishnan seems to be the perfect Yesudas-alternative for the whiff of retro in Aarum – the singer evokes so much of yesteryears’ melodic coolth, backed by Bijibal’s engagingly complex tune and gorgeous strings. The title song has a completely different sound, one that is thankfully short, but also aptly background’ish. The soundtrack ends on a funky, joyous note in Sadirumai, with Vineeth Sreenivasan exuberantly launching into Bijibal’s full-fledged 80s disco, evoking Pancham’s Sanam Teri Kasam hit Nisha (Jaane jaa). Short, pleasant soundtrack by Bijibal; only his 3rd (after Maheshinte Prathikaaram and Leela) in 2016, unlike his prolific 2015 run!

Keywords: Ore Mukham, Bijibal

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