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Hitman – November 26, 2016

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Originally published in The Hindu.

Kannadikkala – Maaveeran Kittu (Tamil – D.Imman)
Imman’s clever and highly proficient appropriation of Ilayaraja continues in Maaveeran Kittu’s best song, Kannadikkala. The composer has a lovely device to add beauty to the core melody that is already incredibly sweet – he has his singers, Pooja Vaidyanath and Jithin Raj literally read out the lines before they sing it in the prescribed tune! But, where it gets really interesting is the simple, serene background that accompanies the spoken-lyrics part – this is where Imman really stands out! It all creates an enchantingly repetitive package, combined with Imman’s usual and expansive orchestral splendour.

Taareefon se – Dear Zindagi (Hindi – Amit Trivedi)
That Taareefon se is written by a woman—Kausar Munir—perhaps explains the clever lines in the dreamy ballad clearly aimed at women with above average intelligence. Arijit innocently starts with conventional platitudes: you are beautiful, you are in my heart… so far, so good. Then, he adds the twist, almost nonchalantly: when have you ever been impressed with compliments, eh? Amit rolls all these in a serene sax-loaded jazzy package, and with Arijit’s whispery vocals, it sounds every bit a lovelorn ballad outside the window that every girl dreams of.
Listen to the song on Saavn:

Pori pathi vizhum – Rum (Tamil – Anirudh)
Anirudh is at it again, pushing the genre limits in Tamil film music. In Rum’s Pori pathi vizhum, he designs what is perhaps Tamil cinema’s first Reggaeton (a definite dash of Moombah/ Moombahton—house music + reggaeton—too, if we are being pedantic). It’s a heady mix, aimed clearly at the feet, with Diwakar leading the charge and Divine offering Hindi lines! The song has an energetic and easy groove that makes it almost impossible to not shake your head along with it.

Inshallah – Sting (Album: 57th & 9th)
Gordon Sumner aka Sting is still going strong! His latest album, 57th & 9th is more rock—and The Police—than ever. But even amidst such a decidedly rock sound, he retains his interest in the relatively esoteric; the album’s best is called Inshallah, and is about the refugee crisis, with the lyrics talking about a family, in a boat. That Sting chose to sing this in the Parisian concert hall Bataclan (a year after ISIS-affiliated terrorists attacked it, killing 89 people) is causing controversy already, but what is undeniable is the calmness that accompanies as he sings, ‘Inshallah, Inshallah, If it be your will, it shall come to pass’!
Listen to the song on Saavn:

Hey penne – Kattappava Kanom (Tamil – Santhosh Dayanidhi)
Santhosh Kumar Dayanidhi, who did keyboard programming for A R Rahman for films like Kadal and Lingaa, made a fairly confident debut with the Santhanam starrer Inimey Ippaditdhaan. Kattappava kanom is a pretty good sophomore effort. The pick of the album is Hey penne which has Sid Sriram starting off in his characteristic style. But Santhosh tweaks the tune adequately soon and the result is a highly enjoyable mix that includes an interesting veena interlude and even a reggae’ish portion!



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