Wednesday November 23, 2016

Sheesh Mahal (Music review), Telugu – Vivek Sagar and Piyush Mishra

Posted by Karthik

That OP Nayyar’ish charm in Piyush Mishra-composed Hota hai carries it beyond his oddly craggy vocals. In Bhola sa too, Piyush sounds equally awkward, but Rahul Ram obviously handles Piyush’s lyrics and Vivek’s desi-reggae style tune better in Bhatki raaton ko. In Aagi aagi, Bakaji Dake’s overall enthusiasm overcomes his quivery singing of the folk’ish tune. The soundtrack’s best are both jazz-tinged and sung wonderfully by Shri; Chitramaaga, a whispery Tamil melody, and Rainbows in the sky, that comes alive with George Hull’s sax. Babarag closes the soundtrack on an exotic, bhajan-turned-lounge-music note! These 3 songs define Sheesh Mahal’s soundtrack!

Keywords: Sheesh Mahal, Vivek Sagar, Catharsis, Pelli Choopulu, Piyush Mishra

PS: Vivek’s Catharsis band mate, Sanjay Das, is credited with the soundtrack’s recording, mixing and mastering

Listen to the songs:



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