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Hitman – November 19, 2016

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Originally published in The Hindu.

Nee uravaaga – Paambhu Sattai (Tamil – Ajesh)
Ajesh Ashok was the toast of Tamil Nadu in 2009 when he won the Airtel Super Singer singing competition. Though he has sung many songs since then, and composed a private album, he makes his film composing debut with Paambhu Sattai and makes a wonderful impression, particularly with Nee uravaaga. The song, a thoroughly immersive melody, has brilliant singing from Shreya Ghoshal and Haricharan. Ajesh layers the song with a wonderfully thought out orchestration, featuring Josy’s delightful woodwinds, and offers lovely tweaks like kicking in the actual percussion only in the anupallavi.

Naan konjam karuppu thaan – Kaththi Sandai (Tamil – Hiphop Tamizha)
Hiphop Tamizha duo, Aadhi and Jeeva, despite their fairly small discography, have firmly established their brand of music that their style deserves to be called an ‘oeuvre’ by now. If you hear a song and easily guess the composer, that’s the right word – and the duo has managed that already, regardless of perspectives on quality. That it qualifies to be called easily catchy is a good deal too, like Kaththi sandai’s Naan konjam karuppu thaan, with clever lyrics that positively normalizes the famous Tamil skin color that fairness cream brands are desperately trying to change, across all genders. Add a neat nadaswaram layer and a racy kuthu ending, you have a winner!

Asathuthe – Rubaai (Tamil – D.Imman)
Imman continues his winsome streak with Rubaai’s Asathuthe too almost effortlessly. The song has a gorgeous Latino flavour, with fantastic, breezy guitar work all through and a particularly lovely second interlude. In true Imman style, the melody is so beautifully Tamil. And on top of it, Imman sings it so confidently, with a neat touch of that harmonious chorus-style backdrop in the anupallavi. It is increasingly looking like a tried and tested formula for Imman, but it continues to work and that’s reason enough to not complain.

Pori vaithu – Kuttram 23 (Tamil – Vishal Chandrashekhar)
Pori vaithu is almost like Kuttram 23’s director giving this brief to composer Vishal Chandrashekhar and lyricist Viveka: “Guys, I want a song like Kaakka Kaakka’s Ennai konjam maatri”. The duo deliver perfectly for this ‘a cop falls in love’ theme, with Vishal making tasteful use of violins amidst the predominantly rock sound. Viveka delivers even better, with mighty imaginative lines like ‘Seerudai pottu nadandhavanai, siragugal pootti parakka vittaai’ and ‘Iduppukku keezhe sudum irakkam kooda illai, idhayathil kaayam kandene’!

Poda – Chennai 2 Singapore (Tamil – Ghibran)
That RJ Balaji speaks on radio like he is in a tearing hurry to head to the nearest bank to deposit his 1000s and 500s is already well known. Composer Ghibran seems to have taken that as inspiration, but goes a step ahead by tweaking it 10X faster. It’s all incredibly fresh and comes alive with a manic energy, with a catchy rap amidst the recurring ‘Poda’ call. After a head-spinning electric guitar phrase, the song also segues into catchy folk percussion, to heighten the genre jumps!



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