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SP Balasubrahmanyam sounding like his 80s/90s self in Enda ippadi is reason enough to love the song! Nivas adds a lot more – the tune has a nice repetitive ring, besides the nadaswaram layer, the occasional kuthu rhythm and catchy rap by Emcee Gonsales! The song’s pathos variant Or naal kaadhal is an awkward listen, […]

Sunday November 27, 2016 17:57

Dhruva (Music review), Telugu – Hiphop Tamizha

The title song is aptly booming, with Amit Mishra’s full-throated singing and the punchy rock sound. Padmalatha, who sang the best song from Thani Oruvan (Kannala kannala), gets the song’s Telugu-equivalent too – Choosa choosa; it is both less melodic and less interesting, in comparison. Pareshanura offers Padmalatha another chance and this time, backed by […]

NW1W. Keywords: S3, Singam 3, Harris Jayaraj Listen to the songs on Eros.

Saturday November 26, 2016 20:52

Hitman – November 26, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Kannadikkala – Maaveeran Kittu (Tamil – D.Imman) Imman’s clever and highly proficient appropriation of Ilayaraja continues in Maaveeran Kittu’s best song, Kannadikkala. The composer has a lovely device to add beauty to the core melody that is already incredibly sweet – he has his singers, Pooja Vaidyanath and Jithin Raj […]

Saturday November 26, 2016 17:19

Ore Mukham (Music review), Malayalam – Bijibal

Madhu Balakrishnan seems to be the perfect Yesudas-alternative for the whiff of retro in Aarum – the singer evokes so much of yesteryears’ melodic coolth, backed by Bijibal’s engagingly complex tune and gorgeous strings. The title song has a completely different sound, one that is thankfully short, but also aptly background’ish. The soundtrack ends on […]

Kannungala chellangala is truly intriguing, and captivating! It also has horrendous vocals by Yuvan, besides Selvaraghavan’s inventive lines like ‘Setha naai mela thaan ethana lorry thaan’. Maalai varum has a likeable rock ballad-style melody, with that catchy ‘Ramsay’ call-out. But, it also has stomach-churningly bad singing by Dhanush and Yuvan. Yuvan offers a frenetic drum-and-bass […]

That OP Nayyar’ish charm in Piyush Mishra-composed Hota hai carries it beyond his oddly craggy vocals. In Bhola sa too, Piyush sounds equally awkward, but Rahul Ram obviously handles Piyush’s lyrics and Vivek’s desi-reggae style tune better in Bhatki raaton ko. In Aagi aagi, Bakaji Dake’s overall enthusiasm overcomes his quivery singing of the folk’ish […]

Sid Sriram starts off in his characteristic style in Hey penne, but Santhosh Dayanidhi tweaks the tune adequately soon and the result is a highly enjoyable mix that includes a veena interlude and a reggae’ish portion. Kangalai sutrum kanavugalai sounds like a more enthusiastic and lively version of A R Rahman’s Vellai pookkal from Kannathil […]

Mehram is almost entirely powered by Arijit Singh’s impactful singing. Clinton’s music is aptly restrained, letting the smooth melody reign with Arijit leading it, and it taking on an anthemic, repetitive ring eventually. Lamhon ke rasgulle‘s whimsical lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya work perfectly on top of the easily catchy, synth-driven 80s one-hit wonder style pop […]

Sunday November 20, 2016 07:17

Hitman – November 19, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Nee uravaaga – Paambhu Sattai (Tamil – Ajesh) Ajesh Ashok was the toast of Tamil Nadu in 2009 when he won the Airtel Super Singer singing competition. Though he has sung many songs since then, and composed a private album, he makes his film composing debut with Paambhu Sattai and […]

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