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Tum Bin 2 (Music review), Hindi – Ankit Tiwari

Posted by Karthik

Teri fariyaad is worth just for Jagjit Singh’s voice; strips the corny backgrounds of the original, well handled by Rekha Bhardwaj. Ishq mubarak is T-series’ roster-composers stuff from 2001. Dekh lena fares mildly better, but Tulsi Kumar starts singing. The title song is more melodic (than the earlier film’s) without being mushy. Vishal and Neeti infuse life in the Hillbilly’ish Masta. Jaeger bomb is danc’y nursery rhyme for kids with a drinking license. The soundtrack’s best is Dil nawaziyaan, Ankit imagining a beautiful pop-ghazal mix, led by Arko and Payal Dev so well! A better, updated soundtrack than the original.

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  • chuttan

    strips the corny backgrounds of the original, what do u mean by this, r u praisin it/criticizin it?!

  • chuttan

    Ishq mubarak easily seems to me to b undoubtedly 1 of the best recent songs, truly super-class!!

  • chuttan

    A better, updated soundtrack than the original, i don’t think so, no1 seems to b thinkin so, ok, it’s ur opinion, i haven’t heard all the songs but still the original had songs like tum bin, koi fariyaad, tumhare siwa which were truly awesome, koi fariyaad original had brilliant tune in the middle, i don’t know which instrument was it but that had typical tune of that time, also approx somethin like that used in horror movies/tv serials, anyway i don’t know whether due to some kinda nostalgia or what these some songs seem to me far better than those i have heard till now of the sequel album!!

  • chuttan

    Dekh lena fares mildly better, but Tulsi Kumar starts singing, is this statement intended to make fun of Tulsi Kumar?!

  • chuttan

    Tum bin title track original seems to b heavily inspired by the song yaadein teri yaadein from ye lamhe judaai ke, plz check it out!!

  • rnjbond

    “A better, updated soundtrack than the original.”

    Bold statement, considering how many loved the original! (Not that I disagree)

    Dil nawaziyaan is definitely the highlight, I agree! The instrumentation really makes this track — the song could do without the cheesy English section though “You follow me incessantly like falling drops of rain”

    • milliblog

      Honestly, the original soundtrack made me cringe… this despite the fact that I love Nikhil-Vinay’s repertoire, largely, right from Pyar Bhara Dil and particularly Chur Aur Chand which is one my all-time fave Hindi soundtracks.

      I’m assuming, 15 years later, when T-series makes a sequel to Yaariyan, I’m fairly sure people would be saying similar things – that the original had timeless music and the sequel will have equally good music.

      • rnjbond

        Now hold on, if we had a 15 year anniversary remake of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s classic “Sunny Sunny”, I would be over the moon about that.

        • milliblog

          For nostalgia’s sake, I’d be too 🙂

      • chuttan

        It seems u r habitual of listenin highly machinized music that’s y u r commentin so shamelessly ridiculous things, also it seems that u have now bcome habitual of deliberately opposin popular opinion!!

    • Yashasvi Sharma

      Agree. Why do they always have to ruin a good song by putting in cheesy english.

    • chuttan

      So u liked this one more or the original 1, plz clarify!!

  • milliblog

    Yes, ‘makes me cringe’ – still does.

  • Noufal

    Yep never knew what the fuss was about the original ….sounded very dated even for that time…. but even then jagjits gazal was good regardless of the tacky background….the retake is quite commendable especially with the ever dependant rekhaji ‘s voice for company…. The voice finally gets the quality production it deserves…. But the highlight as you say is nawaziyan….quite impressive the track especially the seamless way in which it switches genres….

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