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Vinu Thomas seems unduly inspired by A R Rahman in Innaleyum – the song could easily fit in En Swasa Katre’s soundtrack; and then there’s that humming evoking Roja’s Chinna chinna aasai! Jakes opens his account with the energetic Nerunde nerunde, with the chendai backdrop ruling the song. In Kuyilin paatinu, Jakes’s choice of veteran […]

Dooreyo has a spunky indi-pop vibe and the 4-men voice mix featuring Vishak Nair, Suchith Suresan, Ashwin Gopakumar and Sachin Warrier handles the on-the-road rock feel well. Sachin takes on Nilaavil‘s dreamy melody alone, and along with the gorgeous harmonica and strings, does very well for himself. The engineering college song, Oru naattil has a […]

Sunday October 9, 2016 07:58

Hitman – October 8, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Bholay bhalay – Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 9 (Singer: Meesha Shafi. Composed by Shani Arshad) Shani Arshad’s vocoder sampled voice opens the song and that prelude is hardly representative of what follows! What does follow can only be described as OP Nayyar-meets-reggae, with sitar (Shehroze Hussain) thrown in for good […]

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