Saturday October 8, 2016

Shivaay (Music review), Hindi – Mithoon and Jasleen Royal

Posted by Karthik

Bolo har har har is almost medley’ish, trying to do something for everyone – Badshah’s rap stands out amidst the busy-everything. Darkhaast is vintage Mithoon – dulcet melody, expertly mounted with a sound that alternates between serene, minimal sounds and an energetic Coldplay’ish backdrop. Mithoon’s last song, Tere naal ishqa, is the soundtrack’s most jaded – perhaps it is Kailash Kher’s voice, or the really outdated sound and tune! In Raatein, Jasleen seems to be showcasing her lack of range, given how much it sounds like her previous songs, though the reprise does try something bigger. Middling, barely functional soundtrack.

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  • rnjbond

    I actually kinda liked the soundtrack (minus Tere Naal Ishqa). Darkaasht is definitely my favourite.

    • Chuttan

      The reviewer seems to b some sorta weird person(read as communist) who likes the soundtrack mainly when there’s some sorta foreign religion element in it, anyway Darkaasht seems to b almost evry1’s favourite amongst those whom i have encountered!!

      • Vinayakam Murugan

        Wow. This is the first time I have heard communism being used as an insult in a musical context . Hilarious!!!

      • rnjbond

        It’s someone’s personal opinion…. reasonable people can disagree.

  • Chuttan

    Is it a mere co-incidence that the album name is *Shivaay* & there’s no foreign elements anywhere, at least in the album, lol!!

  • Chuttan

    Bolo har har har, don’t know y but even after myself being a hindu is irritatin in some portions like some sorta mirziya album had, don’t know y & how people r likin it, then Darkhaast is really xcellent track which seems to b suitable for urban sorta audiences arijit rocks it, while sunidhi dstroys it, anyway it seems to b competin recently with ae dil hai mushkil, though laggin bhind a little bit in my opinion, but it seems that it is meant for some sorta arousal/seductiveness/provocativeness(this seems to b the best term), Raatein seems to b some sorta song like dekha hazaro dafaa of rustom, which i didn’t liked relatively, but as arijit sang it, it got hit, otherwise dhal jaun main was many times better than that, anyway but mithoon had given much better compositions in some albums earlier than the tum-hi-ho, but it seems after that he is quite fluctuating, ae dil hai mushkil shows much more hope than this till now, but unfortunately seems to b stuck somewhere, let’s c what happens!!

  • ajaydevgnfanswebscom

    Hi Karthik, are you sure have listened to all the songs in your usual good musical mood ? Or someone else have reviewed this OST ? I can see this is the 1st negative Music review for Shivaay Album in the net as of now. Believe me, Cent percent not saying this because Iam an Ajay Fan, as a music lover it gives immense pleasure listening to the Soundtrack in total. Mithoon has reinvented himself here. He has created something very unique other than the normal Bollywood stuff which need to be appreciated rather than degrading like this. I am following your blog since years now & respect you hugely as a genuine music reviewer, but i strongly believe you have got it wrong in this one brother. Dont know whats the reason, but simply one cant dislike a precious album like this outright and give such casual remarks for a tremendous effort like this. Its a request, please rethink and listen to the soundtrack once again in a peaceful environment brother. iam sure you might rethink about it. It hurts actually seriously when someone whom i respect and follow give such review for a soundtrack which deserves a #200. If you really care or value about one of your most genuine followers view then please respond, if not please ignore this message.

    • milliblog

      Not sure if I can address the ‘you have got it wrong’ part. Aren’t music choices and reviews based on opinions, and not facts (which are wrong or right)? Music is something you like, somewhat like or hate.

      • ajaydevgnfanswebscom

        Sorry if that part of my comment has offended you. You are PERFECT & cant go wrong ever. Yes. Surely. Its your opinion. Iam no one to force you to change your reviews based on opinions. I realized it later. Yes. Music is something you like, somewhat like or hate. Agreed totally. I would really look forward to your forthcoming reviews. God bless.

        • milliblog

          Not offended. Not saying I’m wrong or right. Not saying you are right or wrong. Merely saying tastes and opinions differ.

          • ajaydevgnfanswebscom

            Thanks Karthik. Appreciated this healthy discussion and responses. Tastes and opinions differ surely. I liked it, you didn’t or at least somewhat didn’t, thats it. Anyways feeling relieved that you didn’t give it NW1 like that thing 🙂 It ends here. Bolo HarHar 🙂

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