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Dhikku dhikku has a flamboyant and flashy sound, with some 80s funk thrown in for good measure. Lalithanand invokes everything from Twitter trends, Nayakan’s iconic dialog to Periyar! The booming sound continues in Jagadhammaa that Ananthu delivers with amazing impact. The song is obviously visual-led, with a pulsating edakkai sound accompanying it constantly. Thakida thakida, […]

Friday October 7, 2016 16:48

Ammani (Music review), Tamil – K

Mukesh’s Life e machaan machaan is heavy on street-style brass sound and effortlessly spouts life lessons that comes only after a ‘quarter’. It even merges into a brassy kuthu eventually, though the other version (called Yama version) hardly has anything different barring a mildly different prelude. Rotora padhayile is straight out of the glorious Sivaji […]

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