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Jilka jilka is a stunning opener – with shades of Kanada, Brindavana Saranga and Kapi raagas, the melody comes beautifully alive in Indu Nagaraj’s lively vocals. Charan’s orchestration is resonant and the Jilka hook is an easy earworm. Charan tackles the calming and serene lullaby in Jogulave wonderfully, singing it with the required depth, and […]

Chil chinchilamai is delightfully vintage Vidyasagar… Raja’ish melody, layered with Vidyasagar’s own spritely orchestration. Benedict Shine delivers the Christian hymn-like Manamilla manamode with austerity, while Jithin handles Vidyasagar’s lively and fun short tune in Onpathilage anpathil really well! Chithra is at her best in Poovithalai njan where Vidyasagar beautifully mixes a retro’ish melody on top […]

Sunday October 2, 2016 08:32

Hitman – October 1, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Kannamma – Rekka (Tamil – D.Imman) Imman has been on a prolific run as far as soundtracks go, though each of his new soundtracks have just one or two decent tracks, filling the rest with middling, familiar material. This year, he does that with Rekka and Kannamma is the soundtrack’s […]

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