Monday September 5, 2016

Remo (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

Posted by Karthik

In Remo nee kadhalan, Anirudh plays between the film’s hero’s gender switch for rap in a frenzied, very busy chorus that is as interesting as it is layered. He joins the vocals himself eventually, considerably stretching his vocal chords. Anirudh headlines Senjitaley all by himself and the heady orchestration paves way for an incredibly catchy tune with sing-along’ish hooks. Arjun Kanungo starts as handicapped with his singing and diction as Yuvan Shankar Raja in Sirikkadhey, but he makes steady progress into the song aided largely by Anirudh’s wonderfully sweet melody and lilting music combo! In the song’s reprise (Come closer), Inno Genga sounds fantastic, while Anirudh’s choice of different instruments produces even more alluring sounds. Meesa beauty has medley’ish sound that is nice enough at places, but as a song, it seems less coherent. Anirudh invites Santhosh Narayanan to croon Daavuya, and the base tune, interestingly enough, sounds like something Santhosh may have composed too. But yes, frenetic orchestration that soon follows is Anirudh’s signature style. The lead hook in Tamilselvi is good enough, but the rest, including Nakash Aziz’s diction and the T.Rajendar-level rhyming lyrics, is strictly functional. Anirudh makes all the right moves in the music of Remo!

Keywords: Remo, Anirudh Ravichander, Anirudh, 200, #200

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  • Uday Kiran

    Title song ‘Remo Nee Kadhalan’ initial beat boxing has been taken from this but nice mix.

    • Sathyajit Krishnan

      He has given credit. States source for Additional Beat Boxing as “Youtube”.

      • Chuttan

        Double #200’s on double festival day!!!

    • Chuttan

      Double #200’s on double festival day!

  • Chuttan

    Double #200’s on double festival day!!

  • Sathyajit Krishnan

    Very few People in India who can do this Brand of Catchy Music as well as Anirudh. Remo Nee is such an Earworm.

  • george clooney

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