Monday September 5, 2016

Majnu (Music review), Telugu – Gopi Sundar

Posted by Karthik

The second Suchit Suresan finishes the first 2 lines in Kallumoosi, Gopi adds a very short burst of violins, and that is precisely the Gopi trademark! The melody is spritely and instantly likeable and Suchit’s rendition makes it all the more better. The possible Charukesi strain in Oorikey ala is tantalizingly beautiful, even as Gopi layers a fantastic rock base for the melody, handled brilliantly by Haricharan. The opening seconds of Andamaina sound exactly like Roy’s Sooraj Dooba (commercial loop?), but the rest of it is a typically Gopi-style foot-tapping medley sung by Rahul Nambiar with perfect verve. The composer craftily adds flute-based and sitar-based interludes for the first and second interludes respectively, to great effect. Jare jare‘s dreamy tune is wonderful, no doubt, but it is Naresh Iyer’s singing that lifts the song to a new high. In Oye meghamala, Chinmayi pulls off a similar feat, with Gopi following closely with his captivating backgrounds. He even adds a playful tune change in the anupallavi that Chinmayi handles like a pro. Gopi hands over the soundtrack’s mandatory faux-kuthu, Aadara to Ranjith, and that Ilayaraja-style catchiness works smoothly. Gopi stellar run in Telugu continues with the very enjoyable soundtrack of Majnu.

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