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Aakupachhani chandamaamalaa has a buoyant sound and tune that is instantly appealing. Karthik and Ramya handle it like the pros they are. Suvarna, on the other hand, seems terribly templatized and ennui-inducing. Ditto for the title song that flows with its melody barely causing any impact, though there are shades of M M Keeravani in […]

Thaman builds the title song gradually, but surely, accelerating things with lovely guitar’ish carnatic piece in the first interlude. The composer consistently layers Krishna Chaitanya’s voice akin to a chorus, and this adds a harmonious layer to the vocals. The tune is frothy and easy-on-the-ears. Anu anu is standard-issue Thaman propped by digitally enhanced vocals […]

Lo maan liya has all the earnestness of a nursery rhyme. Raaz aankhein teri is no different – a mildly Latino-tinged, cloyingly predictable melody. It’s other version Hummein tummein is even more maudlin. The Sound of Raaz is based on the same tune too, frustratingly. Things get slightly better with the celtic whiff in Yaad […]

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