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Monday August 15, 2016 12:12

L 7 (Music review), Telugu – Aravind-Shankar

Hot coffee kappu is classic, time-tested mambo presented really well by Arvind-Shankar! Harshitha Krishnan’s sultry vocals adds to that, while Shudeep Chandrasekar offers her good company. Yazin Nizar is incredibly earnest in the blues’y ballad-style So so baby, literally singing outside the window of the lady, complete with a dog barking in the background). The […]

Pranaamam works as a simple, resonant and catchy pop-bhajan, in Shankar Mahadevan’s punchy vocals with clear diction. Rock on bro‘s rock/pop anthem ambitions are obvious and given Raghu Dixit’s excellent singing and a thumping rhythm, it makes the cut. With esoteric rhymes like Apple beauty and Newton gravity, Apple beauty is trademark Devi material – […]

Nenjukulle starts to sound like Nenjukkul peidhidum, but goes on to be a meandering tune that is well sung by Suchith Suresan. The Unplugged version has more interesting orchestration, but poor diction. Nila nila is much better – the tune builds up really well, and the Swetha Mohan’s entry and the tabla layer add to […]

Round and round has a rousing tune and an even more rousing and thumping rhythm. Anuraag Kulkarni and the uncredited chorus handle it mighty well. Joomega is even better! The instantly catchy song sounds like a classic Latino-infused Ricky Martin pop song, with Bond-style (the string quartet, not the Brit spy), with excellent, spritely vocals […]

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