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Allah allah gets its Shivajinagar muslim lingo well and the tune is functionally catchy too. Anoop’s singing is competent, given the kind of song it is. Anoop sings the possibly coffee-themed (!) song, Latte latte that also includes calling the film’s leading lady Rasagulla, while the tune is simple and catchy. The title song is […]

Friday August 12, 2016 11:16

Thikka (Music review), Telugu – SS Thaman

The title song, sung by Dhanush—credited as ‘Dhanush (Hero)’—no less, is simple, uncluttered and easy-on-the-ears, but that’s just about it. Hot Shot Hero, by Simbu—credited as ‘Simbu (Hero)’—fares a shade below, with a droning tune. Dirty Picture, led by Usha Uthup, with its smattering of Pancham-style retro is something Thaman reserves for Mahesh Babu, and […]

Sapura kati starts off promisingly enough, with its Arabian-style rhythm, but devolves into something utterly familiar. Nanna pedde preethisu gains a lot from Samanvitha Sharma and the possible shades of Karaharapriya raaga, particularly in the anupallavi! The title song is as banal, generic and pointless as it can get. The soundtrack’s absolute best is Hogi […]

Friday August 12, 2016 11:09

IDI (Music review), Malayalam – Rahul Raj

Jagada jagada is Malayalam film industry outdoing Tamil film music’s pet genre, the kuthu, with a manic rhythm and pulsating vocals! IDI theme is equally good, with funky rap phrases and an aptly hero-worshipping, Middle-eastern flavored tune. Ee khalbitha is trademark Rahul Raj – a melody that is instantly loveable, a harmonious chorus, incredible vocals […]

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