Archive for August 3rd, 2016

The title song is a straight-to-the-point fun track that hammers Pag, Peg, Swag set amidst glitzy Punjabi coolth, with a cute outing by Tanishkaa. Ditto with Beat pe booty‘s catchy Punju-Hiphop. Sachin-Jigar aim high in Toota jo kabhi tara‘s sweeping melody and it works pretty well, in Atif Aslam and Sumedha Karmahe’s confident vocals. Atif […]

Kho gaye hum kahan, with its serene guitar backdrop and ethereal vocals by Jasleen Royal (also its composer) and Prateek Kuhad, is an incredibly calming listen. Jasleen’s other track, Nachde ne saare is the opposite – conventional Bollywoodized-Punjabi catchiness. Dariya has Arko going solo with competent faux-Punjabi melancholy. Sau asmaan is Amaal Mallik answering, ‘Sooraj […]

Endha pakkam is good old Yuvan, exactly an year later! Immersive melody over a simple, captivating rhythm, and superbly sung by Chinmayi and Rahul Nambiar, with a particularly lovely humming-based bridge connecting the anupallavi and pallavi. Aandipatti‘s Laxmikant-Pyarelal sound is an awkward surprise, while Poi vaada‘s early-Rahman sound is sedate and well sung by Srimathumita. […]

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