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Iru Mugan (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Oh Maya sounds like myriad other Harris Jayaraj songs, which, in turn, sound like many other Harris Jayaraj songs . Kannai vittu‘s somber melody is pretty good, but the backgrounds and Srimathumitha’s humming add an incongruent layer on top. Irumugan settai, for all its pulsating noise, is solid aural assault. Face Off theme‘s generic background music gets better when Maria Roe Vincent starts singing. Halena is the soundtrack’s clear highlight, with (Drake’s) Hotline Bling’ish R&B, Harris’ trademark repetitive phrases and catchy gibberish lines that make it an instant earworm! Looks like nothing much has changed in the Harrisverse.

Keywords: Iru Mugan, Irumugan, Harris Jayaraj, Harris Jeyaraj

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  • Ranjith

    The rap track is tasteless stuff from Harris. Other songs are pretty good.

  • Ranjith

    What happened to our highbrow composer’s we get to hear songs like Showkali…,irumugan settai…from them these days.

  • Ashik

    Hey Karthik its just a widely used trap beat man. Even Thalli Pogathae has similar beats towards the middle. A Harris Jeyaraj comes up all all start claiming from drake to all possible artists they know. May be you should also use some common sense before making such references. Looks like our composers should never attempt to make their songs with international sounding beats. There are hundred’s of tracks to compare. Better stick with the dappankuthu. You too in this crap. Dont call yourself a reviewer!

    • milliblog

      You mean I should not like Drake’s Hotline Bling *AND* Halena and say that I found both likeable because they share some sounds? Interesting how much you think others should follow your guidelines on what they should call themselves, what they should stick with and what they should not compare.

      • sideee

        Hi Karthik, could you write a piece on copying vs. inspiration vs. lawful reuse? Curious to know your thoughts on this. If you could cover what the laws are, are they different in India vs. abroad. How loops fit into this context. How standard rhythms like Reggaeton fit into this context. Is there a methodology to identify similarities in songs. Do courts use any metrics to determine similarity? Is it all about the ear. Kthanksbye!

        • Ashik

          What makes you think he is qualified to do that? 😛

          • milliblog

            This may perhaps not be qualification enough, but I also manage a website called http://www.itwofs.com – possibly why someone bothered to ask me that.

          • Chuttan

            He is biased for amit trivedi & against jeet, i have noticed it personally!!

      • Sundarhari

        Is the song a rip-off of Thaniyae thannandhthaniyae from Rhythm? Also some traces of Aayirathil naan oruvan song from Iruvar can be found after the second interlude ends.

  • Prakash Srinivasan

    Even a cow will stop chewing its cud after sometime but Harris will still be regurgitating his tunes, forgettable music, his last good album that I liked was Irandam Ulagam which was almost a year ago.

  • Jagan Kumaravelu

    Have we ever noticed that inspite of countless reviews saying “Harris recycles his tunes”, he never changes? Its because the sounds that he creates have a very loyal base which enjoys it. As long as that base is in place, his music will be the same. But Iru Mugan had less of the “Harris deja vu”, which was good. Not his best, but a decent commercial album.

    • Ashik

      May be there are certain elements in Harris music that the other composer’s lack. Both cant be expected it seems. May be Harris lacks in some other stuffs which others are good at. But you gotta agree, this album give’s so much a refreshing feel, ecstasy and festivities that every other 200 or 300 words rated albums here failed to provide even after repeated listens.

  • Sathyajit Krishnan

    Wow. What has happened to Harris. This guy took sometime off and returns with a less than Mediocre album. His songs atleast used to be catchy, even if they were repetitive, but this is a New Low. My least favourite HJ album.

    • Umesh_C

      I guess people who listen to Rahman tracks numerous times to say it grows on you can give Harris tracks 2 or 3 tries it definitely hooks up. But indeed its the regular Harris number’s, Although the dejavu’s are less here the album need’s more tracks.

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