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Wednesday August 31, 2016 18:52

Veera Sivaji (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Thaarumaaru thakkalisoru seems like it has been composed by a bot; STR’s voice, lyrics and the backgrounds… all drown in digital excess. The other version, led by Deepak, is more like the real deal – significantly better! Adada adada, while being adequately pleasant, is a hopeless rehash of Paayum Puli’s Silukku marame! Thankfully Vaikom Vijayalakshmi […]

Dawn Cordo’s ethereal vocals go perfectly with the main tune of Satrangi that is equally dreamy orchestration to boot, besides Arijit Singh’s involved singing. The jaunty garba rhythm is no doubt catchy—ending in a frenzy, at that—but Gori Radha ne kado kaan has a thoroughly engaging melody as well. Zindabad re (and Amdavad re), despite […]

Sunday August 28, 2016 08:11

Hitman – August 27, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Nila nila – Yaanum Theeyavan (Tamil – Achu) Achu Rajamani has time and again proven himself to be a nifty, dependable composer in Telugu films. His Tamil efforts haven’t been all that successful, though, despite fantastic music in Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey, back in 2012. After Urumeen, he tries again in […]

Aakupachhani chandamaamalaa has a buoyant sound and tune that is instantly appealing. Karthik and Ramya handle it like the pros they are. Suvarna, on the other hand, seems terribly templatized and ennui-inducing. Ditto for the title song that flows with its melody barely causing any impact, though there are shades of M M Keeravani in […]

Thaman builds the title song gradually, but surely, accelerating things with lovely guitar’ish carnatic piece in the first interlude. The composer consistently layers Krishna Chaitanya’s voice akin to a chorus, and this adds a harmonious layer to the vocals. The tune is frothy and easy-on-the-ears. Anu anu is standard-issue Thaman propped by digitally enhanced vocals […]

Lo maan liya has all the earnestness of a nursery rhyme. Raaz aankhein teri is no different – a mildly Latino-tinged, cloyingly predictable melody. It’s other version Hummein tummein is even more maudlin. The Sound of Raaz is based on the same tune too, frustratingly. Things get slightly better with the celtic whiff in Yaad […]

Antony Dasan is perfect for the street-brass-band sound of Gabrielinte that even adds a clever dash of RD Burman! Athiraliyum wears its melodic retro like a badge of honor, even as Lathika struggles and lets Vijay Yesudas carry it. Sooraj Santhosh is excellent in handling the lovely soft-rock sound of Thaniye. Thira thira is catchy […]

Thursday August 25, 2016 19:14

Banjo (Music review), Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar

Bappa, in Vishal’s energetic vocals, works perfectly as a masala-pop bhajan. Om Ganapataye namaha is more pop than bhajan, but the stadium’ish grandness of the sound is impressive. The pulsating festive sound carries in Rada too that Vishal, with his full-throated singing, holds confidently. Pee paa ke loses some steam relying on a catchy hook […]

Saturday August 20, 2016 16:47

Hitman – August 20, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Thalakaalu puriyalaye – Kidaari (Tamil – Darbuka Siva) When Anitha K opens the Thalakaalu puriyalaye, it is an amazingly misleading prelude that hardly indicates what is to come after it! What follows the prelude eventually is a joyous outburst of a song, with a brass section and a rock sound […]

Tuesday August 16, 2016 18:49

Akira (Music review), Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar

In Rajj rajj ke, while Sonakshi struggles hard, Nahid Afrin—the Indian Idol finalist from Assam—handles the angsty tune effortlessly in the other version. The remix evens out the angst to make an odd dance track. Purza is vintage Vishal-Shekhar! Breezy tune, brilliantly sung by Arijit, with a dash of Latino, and a surprising smattering of […]

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