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Sunday June 12, 2016 07:52

Hitman – June 11, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Pona usuru – Thodari (Tamil – D.Imman) Prabhu Solomon, who resuscitated Imman’s career with Mynaa, is back with another film, with his favorite composer in tow. In many ways, the crux of Solomon’s films, a sweeping love story with a hapless couple in the middle has paved way for his […]

Ananthu, Santhosh and Gana Bala are at their harmonious best in the bombastic opener, Ulagam oruvanukka! Roshan Jamrock’s rap verses around Kabali Swag add to the pulsating number’s impact. Gana Bala headlines Veera thurandhara in a way that is very unlike his usual style! It is a curiously alluring mix of Vikram’s title song (!) […]

Chu liya, Bhool saari baat and Dil ke rahi are the kind the songs that made Indipop tolerable in the 90s and 00s! Easy-on-the-ears, guitar’y pleasantness and well sung (Papon and Neha Rajpal are very good in the lilting Chu liya, in particular). Meheram mere could easily be mistaken for a Pritam song – Mohit […]

Niladri creates a heavily stylized rock variant of the evergreen hymn in Aigiri Nandini. Hoo mele hani, featuring Junne Banerji and Savani Mudgal, is an immersive melody that showcases Niladri’s soundscape. Neenilla and Neenene offer the same contemplative and highly melodic tune in two voices, by Mohan and Jonita respectively. The ghazal’ish lightness of Aalangisu […]

It may be unfair to compare Maths tough with its Hindi equivalent in the same situation (Rohan-Vinayak’s Maths mein dubba gul), but on its own too, with Srinisha’s constipated vocals and an awkwardly jumpy rhythm, it’s embarrassing, at best. Unakkum enakkum, however, is all Raja – a prayer’ish melody set amidst calming piano and delivered […]

Monday June 6, 2016 18:58

Thodari (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Adadaa ithuyenna, with a profusion of violins and impeccable singing by Haricharan and Vandana is easily likeable. Oorellam kekkude is that spritely tune that Imman reserves for Shreya and it, with lively Celtic interludes and multiple languages, is expectedly engaging, with a diva-style closure by Maria Roe Vincent! Shreya joins Haricharan in the sweeping duet […]

The last time I did this list, it was in 2014 (and in 2008, before that). It’s time there’s another list like this. Except Hindi film music, where multi-composer albums are almost the norm these days, the other 4 major film producing languages that I track consistently (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada) are, thankfully, sticking […]

Sunday June 5, 2016 08:24

Hitman – June 4, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Athe nila – Meenkuzhambum Manpaanayum (Tamil – D.Imman) Imman has already—and adequately—demonstrated a flair for reimagining Ilayaraja’s melodies. In Meenkuzhambum Manpaanayum’s Athe nila, he goes further back in time, and offers a wonderful, modern reimagination of the quintessential western 60s Tamil film song… like a new-age ‘Vannakili sonna mozhi‘ (Dheiva […]

Saturday June 4, 2016 10:34

Milliblog’s Top Recent Listens – May 2016

Hindi Qatl-e-aam, Behooda, Paani ka raasta and Raghav theme – Raman Raghav 2.0 (Ram Sampath) Listen to the songs on Saavn. Salamat, Nindiya and Dard – Sarbjit (Amaal Malik, Shashi-Shivam and Jeet Ganguli) Keh bhi de and Neki ki raah – Traffic (Mithoon) Chitta ve, Da da dasse, Ikk kudi and Ud-daa Punjab – Udta […]

Qatl-e-aam, in its Unplugged version, has a phenomenally beautiful—very ghazal style—melody at its core and Sona Mohapatra delivers it incredibly well. The soft, lilting Punjabi rhythm and the persistent guitar backdrop makes the tune all the more better. In its other techno version, Ram pushes the envelope mindbogglingly ahead, with an unsettling and enormously interesting […]

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