Wednesday June 8, 2016

Niruttara (Music review), Kannada – Niladri Kumar

Posted by Karthik

Niladri creates a heavily stylized rock variant of the evergreen hymn in Aigiri Nandini. Hoo mele hani, featuring Junne Banerji and Savani Mudgal, is an immersive melody that showcases Niladri’s soundscape. Neenilla and Neenene offer the same contemplative and highly melodic tune in two voices, by Mohan and Jonita respectively. The ghazal’ish lightness of Aalangisu is immediately endearing, while Ankitha delivers the classical Mora piya really well. The soundtrack’s highlight is the Bilaskhani Todi raaga-based Aaha identha, sung beautifully by Balachandra Prabhu set to Niladri’s ethereal-sounding orchestration! Niladri Kumar’s film debut is hardly filmy and carries his vibrant musical sensibility.

Keywords: Niruttara, Niladri Kumar, Sitar, Zitar

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