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Kaatril eri‘s bubblegum-pop is droning, but is catchy nonetheless. Man meedhu is totally Rajesh Krishnan’s show! Rajesh sounds like a younger SPB and holds Joshua’s engaging and lilting melody and Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics eulogising women beautifully. Swetha Mohan is fantastic in Nadhiyil vizhundha, an easily likeable melody marked by captivating orchestration by Joshua. Welcome Boys is […]

Sunday June 26, 2016 07:54

Hitman – June 25, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Manogatham bhavaan – Anuraga Karikkin Vellam (Malayalam – Prashant Pillai) Prashant Pillai, who delivered an outstanding song in Chandrettan Evideya’s Vasanthamallike last year, has been on an odd slide in form with middling soundtracks like Andhra Mess, Double Barrel and Rockstar. In Manogatham, he picks up his form back! It’s […]

There’s a brisk electronic sound in Ulakathin that is particularly alluring. Rahul, Arun Alat and Joju Sebastian sing it in a lively, upbeat mood, punctuated by Rahul’s joyous orchestration. Medapoompattum chutti is Najim Arshad’s spectacular show – he holds Rahul’s gorgeously mounted melody in complete control and breathes life into it. There are shades of […]

Bolo iska naam is energetic, but beyond Chandan Shetty full-throated singing, it’s commonplace. Ishta ishta is street-smart and catchy, with a brisk rhythm. Kannalliye savira is a crafty melody, with a whiff of the retro, while Karthik and Shreya ace Maayavi kanase, a sweeping melody with lovely strings; the Unplugged version is a lovely listen […]

The title song has a Harris Jayaraj’ish appeal and sing-along’ishness, complete with ‘O o oooo’ flourishes. Nuvvu nenu anna‘s wedding-style orchestration—though synthesized—makes it endearing, as does Surendra and Nayana Nair’s vocals. Anudeep and Lipsika are equally impressive in Egire oohalake, a possibly Karaharapriya raaga melody, handling the lively tune and the Carnatic aalaaps very well. […]

Sunday June 19, 2016 11:42

Right Right (Music review), Telugu – J.B.

Alli billi has a gentle and instantly appealing lilt; Hymath’s vocals (but, with the annoying digital enhancement!) and J.B’s orchestration (particularly the 2nd interlude) only makes it better. Bhoogolam bantilaga is standard-issue family group-song and is lively enough. Rangu rangula tharalu has a lively hook, but everything else about the song is way too familiar. […]

Sunday June 19, 2016 08:11

Hitman – June 18, 2016

Originally published in The Hindu. Neruppu da – Kabali (Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan) Much has been said about Santhosh Narayanan composing music for a Rajini starrer—usually reserved for more senior, well-tested composers—and it is heartening to see (or, hear) him produce a soundtrack that has his signature style all over, producing a new dimension for […]

Govind Menon offsets Peethambaran Menon’s mildly strained vocals in the title song, a pleasant-enough song with lovely violin phrases. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi headlines Neeyo njano, an enthusiastic song that seems to be demanding its visuals to make it appealing. Preeti Pillai handles the hymn-like Poyi maranjo really well, with Prashant layering the strings admirably well as […]

There’s a whiff of MS Viswanathan in the simple and sweet melody of Avalum naanum! Vijay Yesudas rocks this solo, recalling his dad’s prowess more than once. But that this is a Rahman song is evident all over – beautiful violin solo in the first interlude and the tune twist towards anupallavi! Idhu varai is […]

Jhanak jhanak is a cleverly obvious and catchy take on Pankaj Mullick’s Piya milan ko jana and Puneeth handles it perfectly. Marula is a lovely duet, made better by Soham Chakraborthy and Supriya Lohith’s singing, and that absolutely gorgeous second interlude! Manikanth does an encore with an equally good second interlude in Summane, another lovely […]

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