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Sultan (Music review), Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar

Posted by Karthik

Baby ko bass pasand hai starts off folk’ishly and makes good on the hook’s insanely catchy and dance-worthy techno promise! Mika’s 440 Volt is a templatized 90s-style masala track no doubt, but is infused with a lot of punchy sounds and an addictive foot-tapping rhythm. Nooran Sisters close the trio of rhythmic tracks with Tuk tuk – this one has the best punch, and wonderfully enthusiastic rendition by the sisters, while the composers layer everything from dubstep to folk sounds coherently! Rahat Fateh Ali Khan does his usual best in Jag ghoomeya, a pleasant melody with an extra spring in its rhythm, while the female version by Neha Bhasin is a beautiful contrast, with its melancholic feel. Mohit Chauhan and Harshdeep Kaur’s banter-style Sachi muchi is loaded with a lovely and highly enjoyable bluegrass’y feel, while Papon gets a delightful qawali in Bulleya that gains tremendously from his fantastic vocals. The title song is a pulsating guitar showcase, clubbed with Sukhvinder’s impactful singing and Rise of Sultan closes the soundtrack in a euphoric note, with its grand orchestration. Vishal and Shekhar’s comeback soundtrack—if you ignore the one-track Fan—offers and expansive range of songs and makes for a very good listen!

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  • wootshire

    And these are just the songs that Salman would let us hear! Imagine what else was in this album!

    • milliblog

      Interesting point, that!

      • Chuttan

        I think all that noise cud b a marketin strategy/to attain limelight by either of individual/the movie!! Rethink about it!!

    • Prakash Srinivasan

      Well said, its a depressing trend that actors can control all such things without minding their business. The Arijit controversy just reeks of arrogance from Salman Khan.

      • Chuttan

        I think all that noise cud b a marketin strategy/to attain limelight by either of individual/the movie!!

    • Jagan Kumaravelu

      Absolutely. Personal issues should not overcome profession. Anyways, Arijit Singh will sing for the other Khans. Salman is not the only Khan who is the most popular. Arijit sung a chartbuster track for SRK in Dilwale which became a rage even though the movie was just an average grosser. I am sure Arijit will sing most likely for Aamir too. Salman will eventually have to come around and ask Arijit to sing for him.

  • Sumeet

    Arijit’s version of Jagg Ghumeya would’ve been amazing.

    • Jagan Kumaravelu

      I agree! With due respect to Rahat, Arijit’s version of that song would have been spectacular. Arijit’s is a more younger voice and would have suited the song superbly. Rahat is way too mature a voice for the song. But nonetheless singing wise, Rahat nails what can be called a mighty superb song.

      • Chuttan

        I think all that noise cud b a marketin strategy/to attain limelight by either of individual/the movie!!

    • Chuttan

      I think all that noise cud b a marketin strategy/to attain limelight by either of individual/the movie!! Just rethink about it!!

  • Jagan Kumaravelu

    Wow, thats a nice review of Sultan album. Now very eager to listen! How do you rate this in comparison to Bajrangi Bhaijaan? BB is an all time favorite Salman album from recent times (sorry for calling it a Salman album, that’s how branding has impacted us in Indian music).

  • asharma908

    Vishal Shekhar churned out great music many years ago until they hitched their wagon to superstar driven blockbuster masaala movies starting with Om Shanti Om where music is meant to prop up superstars’ persona without any risk of stealing their limelight. I think the duo is quite content playing second fiddle. Sad to see one of my most favorite musicians change so drastically over the years.

    • Moriya

      Yeah this album has songs that are VERY reminscent of other songs. I miss their Jhankaar Beats / Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi brand of music.

      Good songs. But many inspirations/reference points….

      Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai (opening) – Dhak Dhak from Daag (1999)

      Jag Goomeya – folk song Oh Wey Chori Chori

      Bulleya – ghungro toot gaye

  • rnjbond

    This might be Vishal-Shekhar’s best in a long, long time… in the past couple years, only Hasee Toh Phasee, Bang Bang, and Shanghai have stood out (in my view). The last soundtrack they did on this level was… Anjaana Anjaani?

    • milliblog

      I’d rate Anjaana Anjaani a shade above Sultan.

    • Anmol Mathias

      Are we forgetting Kahaani? That was brilliant!

  • Praneet Thakur

    Might be a biggest hit movie from salman bhai Sultan 180Kbps and 320Kbps Songs Iam one of his big fan

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  • Akshara Prakash

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