Wednesday May 18, 2016

Udta Punjab (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Posted by Karthik

Babu Haabi’s electrifying rap opens Chitta ve in style, even as Shahid Mallya and Bhanu Prtap take on the main tune beautifully amped by Amit’s pulsating electronic sounds. Vadiya is Chitta ve’s soul-sister – similar, manic energy amidst heavy electronica, admirably sung by Amit himself. Da da dasse gives Kanika Kapoor a tremendous tune transcend Baby-Doll-variety banality with its beautifully constructed melody. Babu Haabi layers his stylish Punjabi rap here too, again. A lot of singers have tried their hand at Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s heartwrenching lines of Ikk kudi, including Hans Raj Hans and Rabbi Shergill. Amit Trivedi not only has a gorgeously melancholic tune, but gets Shahid Mallya and Diljit Dosanjh, for two versions! While Shahid’s variant is soulful, Diljit’s vocals and rock coating offers a lot more to the verse. Shahid handles Hass nach le like a pro, wonderfully backed by Amit’s harmonium-led sound, though this is the album’s most conventional, albeit heartily native and rhythmic, tune. Ud-daa Punjab ends the soundtrack on a high, with Varun Grover’s explosive lines oozing relentless display of bravado, set to insanely addictive and funky tune. In Udta Punjab, Amit offers a welcome diversion from the Honey Singh brand of Punjabi music.

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  • tejas

    /me brings popcorn.

    • milliblog


      • Chuttan

        Where is the review of 1 night stand?!

        • Subodh

          You sound more desperate for a music review than most people would be for a one night stand with Sunny Leone.

          • K.2


          • Chuttan

            Lol!!! There shud b no dscrimination, evry1 must get a chance, or u think of givin chances only to amit trivedi, pritam, vishal-shekhar, S-E-L,etc?!

          • Subodh

            Does Sunny Leone give everyone a chance to have a one night stand with her?

  • Chuttan

    No review of one night stand, any enemity with sunny leone?!

  • Chuttan

    Again biased towards amit trivedi!! Or is it me only having some heavy dislikin of amit saab, but all his albums may go for a flop elsewhere but on milliblog, he anyway still manages a #200 mark!!

  • Chuttan

    U didn’t even reviewed the music of one night stand, it has even released though, seems no music review of the movies of the x-porn star or can i understand that as not even worth the min stds, i.e xtremely poor!!

  • Chuttan

    Mr. Trivedi seems to be the no 1 music composer these days in bollywood after seeing recent music reviews & detailed analysis, rest every1 needs to do hard work & also apply a lot of brains to match his standards!! While trivedi saab may continue his reign in bollywood, he seems quite consistent & also insert a lot of variations so that the next note/the next song is not easily predictable, rest seem to go more & more predictable, inconsistent with their performances, the xpectations seem to just go higher and higher for amit trivedi, he seems to have tough competition with rahman, jeet & pritam & still has many milestones ahead of him so that his music bcomes more acceptable among the general public!!

  • Chuttan

    Where is the music review of one night stand?!

  • Chuttan

    Where is the review of 1 night stand?! Plz reply!!

  • MusicandBeyond

    Have to concur with the review that its a pleasant depart from Honey Singh music. Not sure what is with the spamming in the comments though. Chuttan, isn’t it that the owner of the blog reviews what he wants and not what you want?

    • Chuttan


  • Lone Reviewer

    Honestly, I like and follow your reviews for a long time now, and I must say your tastes are quite good. But what about this ???

    Amit Tridevi is the most overrated composer of Bollywood, and this soundtrack is not deserving 200 words, impossible.

    Ikk Kudi and Hass Nach Le are good songs, and Da Da Dasse is catchy (even though the rapper is mediocre) but Chitta Ve and Vadiya… How can this happen ?

    I mean, is this music ? Even in Dance-E-Jay (music software from the 90’s) this sound was basic. No melody research, no beat research, nothing.

    Just some lazy composer and untalented rappers trying to be stylish. Did you ever heard some real hip hop ?

    If Bollywood is being just Badshaah and Honey Singh, I must say I won’t hear hindi soundtracks anymore. There are plenty more exciting music in the world. Thankfully Rahman, Ajay-Atul, S-E-L and some other know how to make good music.

  • tejas

    How innovative was Amit Trivedi when he was making music for No one killed Jessica, or even smaller features like I am?! I am not even going to mention epicness that was Dev D. But is it too much to except quality on par with Lootera or Udaan or Kai po Che?

    Barring Bombay Velvet he seems to have set in an ennui. Seems the lack of success for BV has set him back.

    It doesn’t help that the films he gets to work on end up being such duds that you realize the screenplay didn’t have anything to extract good music out of him.

    • Jaydeep

      You forgot to mention Aamir 🙂
      To me sheer range or diversity of genres he has attempted is awe-inspiring, irrespective of outcomes of movies or sales of his soundtracks.
      Also, I think he is way ahead of time for Bollywood buffs.

      • tejas

        Aamir I can never forget. That was quite pathbreaking. The reason I listed NOKJ above is, today it’s mostly a forgotten film but if you go back to the soundtrack, it still holds pretty well.

  • lovethetech

    The songs – no one will hear!!! Poor taste for the current generation. Unfit for the market!!! Sounds already heard rhythms!!!

  • rnjbond

    What’s with the negativity against this soundtrack? It’s absolutely fantastic and this, along with Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, shows that Trivedi can capture the Punjab flavour without doing cliched Bhangra or going the Honey Singh route.

    Hass Nach Le is my favorite, conventional as it may be.

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